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Incoming Exchange students - selection track

AY 2023-24

Incoming Exchange students who have spent or are currently spending a semester at Bocconi have two dedicated rounds of selection for admission to Bocconi Master of Science programs. (Not applicable to Visiting Students)

Detailed information on the 2023-24 selection process for Special programs  such as CEMS MIM and ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree and LSE-Bocconi and Sciences Po-Bocconi Double Degree  and on the enrollment process are available on dedicated pages.

When to apply

1st Round Exchange students6 September 13 October 2022
26/30 GPA in at least 4 exams in your Bocconi career
15 November 2022
2nd Round  
Exchange students
27 January 9 March 2023
26/30 GPA in at least 4 exams in your Bocconi Career
27 April 2023
3rd Round
Exchange students
20 April 25 May 2023
26/30 GPA in at least 4 exams in your Bocconi Career
29 June 2023

Programs and class groups

All applicants may select up to 5 programs in the Bocconi application:

  • MSc programs offered both in Italian and English represent two different choices;
  • CEMS MIM and CHINA MIM* Special Programs are considered as different and separated from the “International Management” program; ESSEC-Bocconi DD Special Program is considered as different and separated from the “Management in English” program; (for further details on application to CEMS MIM, CHINA MIM and ESSEC-Bocconi DD visit the dedicated webpage)
  • Applicants to the Bocconi-LSE DD Program and Bocconi-Science Po DD Program and are required to complete a different specific application. 

Before selecting the programs in the online application, we kindly invite candidates to carefully check the Language of instruction of each Program (English or Italian). Please note that no change of program will be granted after the deadline for the enrollment.

*In accordance with the Academic Partners, due to the current international situation, the program is suspended until further notice.

Elements of selection

Elements of selection: 

The Director of the Master of Science program will evaluate the documents and information included in the dossier uploaded on "MyApplication" portal and verify the applicant's overall profile, experience and knowledge.

Applications for CEMS MIM and ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree programs require further elements of evauation, such as a personal statement and a compulsory video presentation. 
See the Focus on for further information. 

No application fee is requested.

GMAT/GRE is not compulsory for selection but  if available — it can be provided when applying online as an additional element of evaluation. 


Applicants can receive "admission" or "non-admission" result. 


Admitted students will receive a conditional offer, whose validity is confirmed only under the following conditions:

  • meeting the mandatory curricular requirements
  • completing the enrollment application by the deadlines.


“Non admission” means that the Admissions Committee has selected applicants in accordance with the admission criteria set for the specific round/category of applicants but the ranking position of the student is below the average of admitted applicants in the choice/choices indicated in the online application.

Students not admitted in the first round will be able to review their applications with Bocconi Admissions Office and then re-apply either in one of the following Incoming Exchange rounds or in any of the following International Applicants rounds. 

Re-application will be treated entirely on its own merits without consideration of the previous unsuccessful application, although applicants are advised to do their best to improve their profile (e.g. by including more programs in their choices or strengthening their profile). 


In order to confirm your admission to Bocconi University:

  1. Complete the enrollment procedure on "MyApplication" portal
  2. Pay the first installment - advance payment
  3. only students admitted to special programs (Cems MIM and Essec-Bocconi DD): pay the specific administrative fee via the Bocconi Store.

within the deadlines indicated in the table here below.

1st round  Exchange track15 November 1 December 2022
2nd round  Exchange track27 April 11 May 2023
3rd round Exchange track
29 June 6 July 2023

The first installment – advance payment, in compliance to the former article 27 of R.D. 1269/1938, cannot be reimbursed. The reimbursement is only possible under special conditions, indicated in the “Withdrawal from studies and reimbursement of the first installment/advance payment” section


In order to access the Bocconi MSc programs, applicants must meet the following requirements and conditions. 

1. Curricular requirement: First Cycle Bachelor degree

In order to access the Bocconi MSc programs, applicants must obtain a First Cycle Bachelor degree  valid and recognized  by October 2023.

Failure to satisfy the above-mentioned conditions by the required deadline will entail revocation of the  admission and, as a result, the cancellation of the enrollment.

2. Curricular requirement: English Level

In case of admission, all applicants are required to meet specific language requirements to complete the enrollment.

When filling in the online application, candidates can indicate wherher they have already meet the language requirement or whether they intend to obtain a certification by the set deadline.

To confirm the offer, applicants must give evidence of the language requirement by the enrollment deadline and, in any case, no later than 30 June 2022, otherwise their enrollment will be cancelled.

Check here all certifications and qualifications accepted for English Level B1 and B2.

Students admitted to Special programs (Cems MIM, Essec-Bocconi DD and LSE-Bocconi and Science-Po DD) should refer to the specific enrollment process (see Focus on area)

Failure to satisfy even one of the above-mentioned conditions by the required deadline will entail revocation of the admission and, as a result, the cancellation of the enrollment.

Withdrawal from studies

WITHDRAWAL BY EARLY DECEMBER 2023 (Date to be confirmed)

The following information is valid only for students enrolled in their 1st year of a program (students enrolled in their 2nd year onwards are kindly invited to contact the “Academic Affairs Desk”).

Students who decide to withdraw from Bocconi, within this date, must send an email to rper@unibocconi.it:

  • declaring their intention to withdraw from studies
  • attaching a valid ID/passport
  • attaching the appropriate withdrawal form (that can be downloaded at this link) duly filled out
  • indicating as a subject: “Withdrawal Full Name – User ID number (30xxxxx), Application code ( B0xxx)”

The Admissions Office will respond by email confirming the withdrawal from studies.


The reimbursement of the first installment/advance payment is only possible under special conditions and by specific deadlines. Check how to request the reimbursement of the first installment/advanced payment.


Starting from this date, students are invited to submit requests to the “Academic Affairs Desk”

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