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Our campus is a lively place, multicultural and safe, located near the city center. The dynamic pace of university life pulses through historic and ultra-new spaces alike. And in 2021 we are adding a new sports center and a campus green.
  • Our campus is home to many cultural, social and sports events
  • The Castiglioni dorm, opened in 2018, is part of the New Campus
Your university years aren't only about studying. Bocconi and Milan offer culture, sports, art and ideas to make your experience here an exciting and essential part of your personal and professional growth.
  • Studying at Bocconi is a challenging experience... but university life is about more than hitting the books!
  • Sports are a big part of life at Bocconi
Bocconi helps you get oriented on campus, enhance your abilities, discover new ones, and gain awareness about your lifestyle.
  • Take advantage of the various opportunities to enrich your university journey and grow as a person
During your years of study, you will become part of the Bocconi community, which offers a wide range of student associations and a student-managed Media Center.
  • Share your days within the Bocconi community, on campus and on social media
  • Student associations - around 100 of them - are active every day at Bocconi
Milan is open and international, a European city with great public transport and services. Events of all types abound, and the nightlife is world-famous.
  • A city that offers events, shows and exhibitions to suit all interests
  • A commitment to social development is key to Bocconi's identity and to our relationship with Milan