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New Campus

These are important years in the development of a more welcoming Bocconi, a university projected towards the future. In fact, the New Campus project is under construction, designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of the international architectural firm SANAA.

Adding to its original buildings and those of more recent construction (the Gardella and Grafton buildings), the University will expand to the south, incorporating the former area of the Centrale del Latte. The striking forms of the new campus will revitalize and interact with the surrounding urban fabric.

The area will include a 300-bed residence (Castiglioni Residence Hall) - available from September 2018. The new headquarters of SDA Bocconi will follow, consisting of three buildings (MEO: Master, Executive, Office). The works will conclude with a PARK and multi-purpose center open to the city and featuring an Olympic swimming pool.

The new buildings will be part of a broader development project that is also forward-looking in the areas of environmental sustainability, energy saving and optimal landscaping in the context of Milan’s Zone 5.

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