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Join one of the top European universities for quality of research and teaching. Bocconi really does open up your future!
  • Bocconi isn't just an education. It's a springboard for your ambitions
  • Milan, Italy’s most cosmopolitan city: your new home!
  • We have one goal in mind: to provide you with a solid education in the context of an enriching university experience
Thanks to our innovative curricula, Bocconi provides an outstanding education in a wide range of disciplines - from management and economics to political science, finance, data science and maths for AI and legal studies.
  • Our faculty and their professional experience are a valuable resource
  • Active participation is the best way to learn
  • Our flat classrooms are well-equipped to facilitate group work activities
A network of distinguished partner universities and top employers around the world: we boost your CV and support you entering exciting careers! And you can also start enriching your CV with one of our Summer Programs
  • Bocconi&Jobs, our career event: 2 editions in Milan, in May and November
  • Boost your CV with our Exchange Program
  • We promote meetings with major employers in Italy and abroad
Going to university is about more than just academics: Bocconi and Milan also represent culture, sports, arts and exchange of ideas, making university life exciting and crucial for personal and professional growth
  • Bocconi dorm: your new home
  • Bocconi students: your new family
  • Training for a new challenging match
Bocconi is committed to building a university that values diversity, equity and inclusion: projects for an open and inclusive community where everyone can grow by learning thanks to the diversity that each of us embodies.
  • An open and inclusive community to grow by learning
  • A university that values diversity, equity and inclusion: one of our strategic objectives
Applying to university entails a number of steps: at Bocconi we try to smooth the way for international applicants by providing step-by-step instructions for the admissions process
  • Collect all the info you need to choose: come and visit our campus
  • Collect all the info you need to choose: come and meet our staff
  • You did it! Welcome to Bocconi!
Our recruitment staff supports applicants looking for information on programs, application requirements and financial aid and we are available to provide individual counseling to students and families
  • Check online for updates on our activities worlwide