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Support and Access

Bocconi provides support and access for students, faculty and staff with disabilities, students with learning disorders, people with mental health challenges, and students and student families with financial need.

We are open to bright and motivated students, regardless of their background, and determined to provide them with the knowledge and tools that realize their full potential: today as students, tomorrow in work and society.

One of our goals is to foster inclusion of people with disabilities and mental health challenges within Bocconi and within the Bocconi community. The university also appreciates the importance of issues related to the health, wellness and quality of life of its students, faculty and staff, organizing a wide variety of initiatives to foster increased awareness of several of these issues.

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Disabilities and Learning Disorders

Bocconi is committed to pursuing its main research and training objectives in an environment in which everyone receives – and offers others – equal opportunities, dignity and treatment. It is therefore investing increasing resources so that all talented and deserving students can enroll in and attend its programs.
In pursuance of inclusion, personalized support and services are available to people with temporary or permanent disabilities and people with learning disorders, to ensure their participation in academic activities and full integration into university life. These include guidance and recruitment activities, the admissions test, enrollment, classes, study plans and exams, up to entry into the world of work.
An increasing number of students with disabilities and learning disorders are supported on campus, allowing them to reach their fullest academic potential.
Resources available to students include:

  • Services for current students with disabilities 
    Support includes rights to housing and accessible facilities, financial aid, library access and career guidance for students with disabilities.
  • Services for prospective students with disabilities
    Prospective students with disabilities may be provided with support measures when taking the admissions test. These include adaptation of the workstation during the online test, additional time and other aids.
  • Services for current students with learning disorders
    Support includes accommodations during exams, a Learning Needs Help Desk and Peer to Peer Tutoring for students with learning disorders.
  • Services for prospective students with learning disorders
    Prospective students with learning disorders may be provided with support measures when taking the admissions test. These include additional time and other aids.
  • Inclusion, Disability and Wellbeing Committee
    The Inclusion, Disability and Wellbeing Committee is currently in charge of inclusion policies for students with physical disabilities and learning disorders and deals with mental health challenges and equal opportunity issues (such as LGBTQIA+ issues, and religious and ethnic differences). The primary objective is the complete inclusion of all students in the processes of learning, taking exams and living on campus, while developing and making the most of their potential, knowledge, competencies and abilities, irrespective of their disability, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity or religion. The Committee is chaired by the Dean of Diversity of Inclusion and includes members of Bocconi faculty, staff and students appointed by the Rector.


Bocconi is committed to removing every obstacle to the full realization of people and the enhancement of their potential. In order to do this, it is constantly committed to breaking down physical barriers in a gradual and constant effort to adapt spaces, furnishings, paths and digital barriers, making its websites, content and IT procedures accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. Moreover, the university provides a range of assistive software and hardware available according to individual needs.
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  • Physical Accessibility
    To promote the inclusion of all individuals at the University in terms of access to facilities, a number of projects are being developed. These include: stairlifts, ramps and accessible paths, a radio beacon system, a Braille campus map, an on-demand walking companion service between campus buildings, map of car parks for people with disabilities, and classrooms with integrated desks for students with disabilities.
  • Digital Accessibility
    To promote the inclusion of all individuals at the University in terms of access to information and services, a number of projects are being developed. These include a variety of accessibility software and hardware: Sensus Access (text to speech), Cabolo (speech to text), AccessiWay (improving website accessibility for sensory or other impairments).

Need-Based Financial Aid

Bocconi recognizes social responsibility as an integral value of its institutional identity, using its activities and resources to achieve the ethical values of solidarity and social justice. It is a University open to everyone, able to optimally perform its role in knowledge development without forgetting that of “social elevator.” In order to guarantee talented young people access to high-quality education, Bocconi allocates considerable resources to ensuring the right to study for bright, motivated students through scholarships, financial aid, exemptions and reduced tuition and fees.
Various funding opportunities are available, including:

  • Una Scelta Possibile
    Since 2013, this scholarship project has been open to outstanding Italian students with limited economic means, providing a full scholarship covering tuition and fees, free accommodation, a cash stipend and discounted meals on campus.
  • 1stGEN@UNI 
    Bocconi inaugurated this project in 2021 along with Citi Foundation. It aims to give disadvantaged students at Italian high schools the chance to attend Bocconi through orientation sessions and access to scholarships.
  • Other forms of funding
    Bocconi students may also be eligible for other forms of need- and merit-based funding opportunities.

Mental Health

Well-balanced mental health is key to ensuring students can reach their fullest potential during their time at university. This is why a range of services are offered to help students develop the skills they need to cope with stress and build resilience. They aim to promote students’ psychological wellbeing and help them develop self-awareness so they can make the best use of the resources available and their networks with classmates and faculty.
Resources available to students include:

  • Counseling Service
    This service offers students the chance to talk to a professional counselor to discuss personal, relational or academic difficulties that may interfere with their academic progress and fully realizing their potential.
  • Self-Empowerment and Skills Courses
    Students can sign up for a variety of extracurricular courses on topics such as study skills, dealing with anxiety, empowerment, self-management and business writing.
  • Mental Health Tips
    This video series features a Bocconi Counselor who provides advice on concrete steps we can take to improve and maintain our mental and physical wellbeing. Topics include: how to manage fatigue through self-care; tips for managing anxiety; how to make new connections and rekindle old ones; and practical advice on balancing your day.

Health and Wellbeing

Prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle are at the foundation of physical and mental wellness. This is true for people of all ages, including young people, and is key to allowing students to achieve their goals at university.
Health and wellbeing resources available to students include:

  • Wellbeing Courses
    Students can sign up for a variety of extracurricular courses on topics such as yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Prevention and On Campus Support
    Students have access to an infirmary service, an on-campus medical center, an ambulance stationed on campus as well as other prevention services.
  • Health Service
    Bocconi provides support to international students who need information on how to access the National Health Service during their time in Italy.
  • Healthcare Agreements
    Bocconi offers to students, faculty and staff the chance to access to hospitals, pharmacies, dentists and other health services at a discounted rate.
  • Healthy Habits
    These seminars with experienced medical professionals working in the Milan area aim to help students understand and learn how to manage any unhealthy habits and behaviors that may be typical of young adulthood, and which can have negative effects on wellbeing and quality of life.

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