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Prevention and support on campus

Bocconi appreciates the importance of issues related to the health, wellness and quality of life of its students, faculty and staff. This is why a wide variety of initiatives has been created to foster increased awareness of several of these issues. 

Infirmary Service

A healthcare social worker (OSS) is available Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm in the infirmary at Via Bocconi 12. The following services are provided:

· Helping students who are not self-sufficient in their daily activities

· Taking vital signs: body temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, DTX

· Administering medication with a medical prescription

· Implementing first aid

· Carrying out simple treatments

· Completing sterilizations and sanitation

Stationing of Croce Bianca Ambulance

Considering the daily presence of over 15,000 people on our campus, the University has decided to guarantee the ongoing daily presence of the Associazione Croce Bianca Milano Onlus.

An ambulance with two health workers is available Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm. They can provide first aid/healthcare monitoring to anyone who comes to the infirmary, located on the mezzanine floor at Via Bocconi 12 (e.g. taking vital signs and assessing the need for transport to an emergency room).

In addition, the presence of Croce Bianca Milano allows prompt interventions in the event of a health emergency (accident/illness) on our campus. The ambulance service can be activated by calling the Bocconi University emergency number on campus: +39 02.5836.2121.

On-Campus Prevention Devices

In all the common areas around campus you can find automatic dispensers with photocell control, providing liquid hand sanitizer 24/7.

Individual Counseling Service

Bocconi offers a free Individual Counseling service, which aims to help you identify and resolve situations of difficulty and discomfort, as well as develop your personal resources, through a track tailored for you.

The course is available in Italian, English or French.

For more information visit this page.


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