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Through its architecture and urban planning, the Bocconi campus expresses the University’s cultural vision. It features both innovation and avant-garde thinking, as well as an international focus that Bocconi shares with the city.
The University’s relationship with the city follows a unique model. The campus is fully integrated into the urban fabric and is just a 10-minute walk from bustling downtown Milan.

Each campus building is the work of important architects and is intended as an integral part of the city, prompting not only urban change, but also socio-economic evolution in the surrounding area.

The campus is normally  the stage for many cultural, sports and social events that are important opportunities for students to expand the horizons of their knowledge, cultivate their interests, exchange views on current topics and socialize.
There is a prevailing community spirit in spite of the current situation thanks to an extensive program of engaging events held online.

Special emphasis is placed on the activities organized directly by the students themselves and made available to the community. Through sports, theater, cinema, music, radio and TV, Bocconi students express their creativity and make their time on campus and university experience more exciting and enjoyable.

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