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Summer School

Start making plans for this summer!

If you're interested in further developing your passion for business and economics, apply to take part in our Summer School, a learning experience focused on leading-edge subjects. You will be taught by Bocconi University faculty members and attend classes with top students that share your interests.

Bocconi Summer School offers a challenging study program open to motivated students. It's a unique opportunity to participate in an exciting laboratory of teaching and active learning.

Advanced Teaching with Outstanding Faculty

Courses are held with the assistance of an innovative multimedia platform, with teaching materials and tools available to you online at any time, and are taught by Bocconi's outstanding faculty. To keep you anchored to the real world, each course curriculum includes teamwork on real-life business cases and situations, putting to the test your problem-solving and creativity.

Develop Soft Skills

By taking classes in a highly developed academic environment, your hard and soft skills will get an upgrade. Moreover, you will be able to socialize with and learn from carefully selected bright and dynamic young people with a lot of talent to share.

A Focus on Flexibility

Our Summer School allows you to study in a flexible program: you can join classes and get the best of interaction with professors and classmates and watch (and rewatch!) asynchronous lectures to deepen your understanding and focus on specific topics.

Build Your Network

You'll have the chance to get to know students from around the world and learn to work with peers from different countries and cultures: you can get a taste of the multicultural and international environment that is one of the key features of our community.

Enjoy the Bocconi Challenge

Our summer program is a challenge:

  • to get a taste of our University
  • to learn more about our fields of study
  • to experience our innovative teaching methods
  • to test yourself in different subjects
  • to boost your skill set

And if you become a Bocconi student, you'll learn that challenge is in our DNA.

Information on the 2021 edition, including dates and format, will be available at the end of the year.

Bocconi Summer School 2020 - Online Edition
Introduction from the Dean

Prof. Stefano Caselli, Dean for International Affairs, presents the online edition of Bocconi Summer School: the right choice for your summer to invest in yourself, improve your CV, and never stop learning through virtual classes and interactive teaching by expert faculty

Choose your program for this summer!

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