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Emeritus Professors

Below is a list of Emeritus Professors of Università Commerciale "Luigi Bocconi" with the year in which they were given their title by the Italian Ministry and their department of referral


Prof. Adalberto PREDETTI2002Economics
Prof. Tancredi BIANCHI   2003Finance
Prof. Luigi GUATRI2003Management and Technology
Prof. Roberto RUOZI2003Finance
Prof. Mario MONTI2004Economics
Prof. Giuliano URBANI2004Policy Analysis and Public Management
Prof. Guido ROSSI2005Legal Studies
Prof. Giorgio BRUNETTI2006Management and Technology
Prof. Fabrizio ONIDA2011Economics
Prof. Piergaetano MARCHETTI2011Legal Studies
Prof. Aldo MONTESANO2011Economics
Prof. Vittorio CODA2011Management and Technology
Prof. Achille ROMANI2011Policy Analysis and Public Management
Prof. Donato Michele CIFARELLI2011Decision Sciences
Prof. Stefano PODESTA'2011Management and Technology
Prof. Angelo PROVASOLI2012Accounting
Prof. Carlo SECCHI2012Policy Analysis and Public Management
Prof. Carlo FILIPPINI2014Economics
Prof. Paolo MOTTURA2014Finance
Prof. Marco CATTINI2015Policy Analysis and Public Management
Prof. Erio CASTAGNOLI2015Decision Sciences
Prof. Lorenzo PECCATI2016Decision Sciences
Prof. Giorgio SACERDOTI2016Legal Studies
Prof. Lanfranco SENN2016Policy Analysis and Public Management
Prof. Alfredo VIGANO'2016Accounting
Prof. Franco AMIGONI2016Accounting
Prof. Giuseppe AIROLDI2016Management and Technology
Prof. Giovanni IUDICA2016Legal Studies
Prof. Pietro MULIERE
Decision Sciences
Prof. Gualtiero BRUGGER
Management and Technology
Prof. Robert GRANT
Management and Technology
Prof. Sergio PACI


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