Today, contributing to a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable society is the duty and ongoing goal of all individuals, companies and institutions.

Bocconi University’s foundation in 1902 was based on a set of ethical and responsible core values that have guided it to a robust and lasting focus on sustainability issues.

This commitment is fueled through teaching and research, to best prepare our students and contribute to scientific and social progress. Bocconi also undertakes direct initiatives in many areas, including energy efficiency, saving resources, reducing the use of materials such as paper and plastic, and recycling waste.

The Sustainability Committee has been in place for the past several years, led by Professor Francesco Perrini. It includes members of faculty, staff and students, and is tasked with promoting and coordinating projects concerning sustainability and sustainable development.

Bocconi and the Sustainability Committee welcome suggestions and opinions from the entire Bocconi community: students, faculty and staff.

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