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Sustainability Report



The third edition of the Bocconi University Sustainability Report presents a year that was one of a gradual return to a new normal, and is centered on a deeper understanding – from various viewpoints – of global challenges.
First of all, the events of the past two years have accelerated and furthered an increasingly solid awareness of the connections between the environment, society and the economy. Climate change, protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, human health, economic and social development, and digital and technological infrastructure are all undeniably linked.

The experience gained in this period has taught us that in order to face the challenges of sustainable capitalism a systemic approach is required, and so it is fitting, indeed necessary, to explore the new opportunities made available by technology, including in the fields of teaching and research.

Similarly, we have learned that these new challenges call for skills from many different academic domains, of both a managerial and technological nature. Bocconi University is at the forefront in facing these complexities and providing its students with the skills and tools to understand and govern the workings of sustainable transition. To this end, we have formed strategic partnerships with other institutions, as in the case of the new Master of Science in Transformative Sustainability created in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano.

In the same manner, and with the same energy, the University has continued to work on all aspects of sustainability. At this time, we would like to point out the many initiatives of an organizational, academic and scientific nature launched in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion. They are aimed at making Bocconi an ever more inclusive University, attentive to the needs of its students, faculty, and collaborators, and of society at large. In particular during this challenging period, it is worth noting our support and inclusion initiatives for researchers, students and refugees from Ukraine.

Please enjoy our report.

Gianmario Verona Rector Riccardo Taranto Managing Director

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