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Sustainability Report



As in previous years, the fourth edition of the Bocconi University Sustainability Report presents our University’s
initiatives, fndings and outlook in the area of sustainability. This report covers not only the environmental aspects
in this area, but also the related interconnected human, social, economic and institutional aspects.

In the fght against climate change, we like to remind readers that our commitment has deep roots. Energy effciency and saving, self-production of energy from renewable photovoltaic and geothermal sources, supply from renewable sources of allthe electricity  that we are not able to self-produce, and obtaining the most prestigious environmental certifcations (e.g. ISO 50001for the energy  management system, LEED Platinum for the new Urban Campus) – these actions all bring our University closer to our goal of carbon neutrality planned for 2025 to subsequently
focus on Net Zero, including all other major indirect emissions, according to the University’s decarbonization plan.

Regarding social aspects, we are aware that we must all strive tomake our society truly open and inclusive, thus reigniting social mobility. We must do so by working together – institutions, companies and universities. Supporting young people in their studies is a fundamental step, one that will lead them to have an impact in the workforce and contribute to change. Bocconi does this through investing, including in 2022, when over €38 million was invested in scholarships and fnancial aid for its students.

In reference to women’s empowerment – within the area of diversity, equity and inclusion – there are many initiatives conducted by Bocconi to render it an increasingly inclusive University that is attentive to the needs of its
students, faculty and staff, in all areas of interest.

e are grateful to all those who contribute to achieving these results every day. Together, we strive to foster a dynamic and stimulating academic environment, which aims to train future leaders in the social sciences and
promote a more sustainable and inclusive future.

We kindly invite you to browse this report and discover more on our initiatives, fndings and future outlook.

We are confdent that you will fnd inspiration in our vision and endeavors.

Please enjoy our report.

Francesco Billari Rector Riccardo Taranto Managing Director

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