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Dean of the PhD School:
Prof. Andrea Fosfuri

The PhD School coordinates the PhD programs offered by Bocconi University and acts as a point of reference for the University's PhD candidates.
PhD candidates have the opportunity to advance their knowledge and conduct research, with the support of Bocconi Faculty and through exchanges with leading American and European universities.
The Fondazione Romeo ed Enrica Invernizzi philanthropically supports the PhD School, thanks to The Invernizzi PhD Financial Aid.

The Bocconi PhD School coordinates and supervises the following PhD programs:

Meet us at the Bocconi "PhD Day" online event.

Find out more on how to apply to a program and the admissions process.
Find out more about Bocconi ranking.

PhD Programs-Handbook

PhD Directors

PhD in Business Administration and Management: Prof. Remus Ilies
PhD in Economics and Finance: Prof. Mariano Massimiliano Croce
Phd in Legal Studies: Prof. Giovanni Strampelli
Phd in Public Policy and Administration e PhD in Social and Political Science: Prof. Arnstein Aassve
PhD in Statistics and Computer Science: Prof. Antonio Lijoi

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