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Healthy Habits


Prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle are at the foundation of physical and mental health, even for young people and students.

The Counseling and Self-Empowerment service has organized a series of events with experienced physicians working in the Milan area. They aim to help you understand and learn how to manage any unhealthy habits and behaviors that may be typical of young adulthood, and which can have negative effects on wellbeing and quality of life.

The events will be held in Italian with simultaneous translation into English. They will be held remotely through Zoom.

Healthy  Eating Habits: 27 October 2021

27 October 6PM
In collaboration with Ospedale San Paolo Polo Universitario- Milano
The meeting will be held in Italian, with simoultaneous translation in English

Eating awareness: How to Maintain a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Prevention and risk factors: how to idenitfy possible alarm bells of an eating disorder, starting from the healthiest lifestyles.

> Sara Bertelli: Head of Adult Eating Disorders Department at San Paolo Hospital and President at Nutrimente Onlus
> Giuseppina Di Carlo: Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Nutrimente Onlus

Moderator: Giulia Rancati, Psychologist and Psychotherapist Campus life – Counseling & Self Empowerment

Download the pdf presentation of the first seminar from the Italian website

Addictions and Substance Use/Abuse: 25 November 2021

25 November 6PM Online (Zoom)
In collaboration with Ospedale Sacco
The meeting will be held in Italian, with simoultaneous translation in English

Addictions and substance use/abuse

I can quit whenever I want! When does a behavior turn into an addiction?

You try it because you're curious, you start taking something as a challenge or for fun, to feel like part of a group or because you're feeling down, but there is a risk of physical and psychological addiction.

Alcohol, smoking, drugs and other forms of addiction can influence your quality of life and study habits.

We will identify and differentiate between healthy and potentially problematic behaviors.

With the participation of Doriana Losasso, psychologist and psychotherapist SER.D. Canzio, Department of Mental Health and Addictions, ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco

Moderator: Laura Rigobello Lamonaca, psychologist and  psychotherapist Campus life – Counseling & Self Empowerment

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