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Results and Enrollment

International applicants AY 2023-24


The Admissions Committee evaluates the complete applicants’ profiles by considering all the documents uploaded to My Application, the test performance (if required) and the places available in the selection round for the programs chosen by the candidates.
According to the timeline established for the selection round, applicants can access their admission result by entering the “My Application” Portal and clicking on “Results.”
The outcome of the selection process can be one of the following: admission, non-admission, stand by/waiting list.

Merit Award Scholarships Admission and Merit Award assignments will be released at the same time. The assignment will be included in the admissions results, only to the Awardees. The decision is final and cannot be appealed.


Admitted students will receive a conditional offer, whose validity is confirmed only under the following conditions:

  • meeting the mandatory curricular requirements
  • completing the enrollment application by the deadlines.

Non  Admission

“Non admission” means that the Admissions Committee has selected applicants in accordance with the admission criteria set for the specific round/category of applicants but the ranking position of the student is below the average of admitted applicants in the choice/choices indicated in the online application.

If you were not admitted the first time you apply, you may apply one more time during the same academic year. However, please be aware that:

  • You may apply a maximum of two times for the same academic year; any subsequent applications will not be evaluated.
  • During the second application, at least one element of your application needs to have changed when submitted for the second time (i.e. higher test score, changes in your choice of program, etc.).
  • Due to the overlapping calendar, you may not be able to apply for the second time in the 5th round if you applied for the first time in the 4th round.

Stand-by or Waiting List

A result of “STAND-BY/Waiting List” position is only possible for Bocconi applicants in the II Round of selection.

Applicants included on the "waiting list” are in any case NOT admitted students. In fact, due to a lack of available spots in the choices indicated, it was not possible to assign the applicant to one of the chosen Master of Science programs.

At the end of the enrollment period, if there is remaining availability of spots due to lack of enrollment among admitted applicants, the top non-admitted applicants on the waiting list may be contacted.

The Admissions Office will contact students following these criteria:

  • Priority will be given to students who have expressed the MSc program for which a place has been made availableduring the application for admission. 
  • In the absence of students on the waiting list who have expressed such preference, other students who have not indicated the MSc Program available may be called, in order to check their interest in admission.


Procedure and timeline

In order to confirm your admission to Bocconi University, you must:

  1. complete the enrollment procedure on the "My Application" portal
  2. pay the first installment-advance payment
  3. only students admitted to special programs (China MIM, Cems MIM, Essec-Bocconi DD): pay the specific administrative fee via the Bocconi Store

within the deadlines indicated in the table here below.

International Applicants Selection Round
Enrollment Period
1st Round 19 January - 8 February 2023
2nd Round 14 - 30 March 2023
3rd Round 3 - 15 May 2023
4th Round 31 May - 13 June 2023
5th Round 29 June - 6 July 2023

The first installment-advance payment, in compliance with the former article 27 of R.D. 1269/1938, cannot be reimbursed. The reimbursement is only possible under special conditions, indicated in the “Withdrawal from studies and reimbursement of the first installment/advance payment” section.

Curricular Requirements: Bachelor degree

In order to access the Bocconi MSc programs, international applicants must obtain a First Cycle Bachelor degree  valid and recognized  by October 2023. 

Failure to satisfy the above-mentioned conditions by the required deadline will entail revocation of the admission and, as a result, the cancellation of the enrollment.

Curricular requirements: English Level

In case of admission, all international applicants are required to meet specific language requirements to complete the enrollment.  

When filling in the online application, candidates can indicate whether they have already meet the language requirement or whether they intend to obtain a certification by the set deadline.

To confirm the offer, applicants must give evidence of the language requirement by the enrollment deadline and, in any case, no later than 30 June 2023, otherwise their enrollment will be cancelled. 

Certifications and qualifications accepted for English Level B1 and B2.

Students admitted to Special programs (Cems MIM, Essec-Bocconi DD and LSE-Bocconi and Science-Po DD) should refer to the specific enrollment process (focus on area). 

Students admitted to MSc in Cyber Strategy and Risk Governance Joint Degree with PoliMi should refer to this webpage.

Failure to satisfy even one of the above-mentioned conditions by the required deadline will entail revocation of the admission and, as a result, the cancellation of the enrollment. 

Transfer students

Transfer students are all the applicants enrolled (or that have already completed a Bachelor/Master of Science degree) in a university (not Bocconi), in Italy or abroad.

Transfer students follow the same admission process up to the enrollment as all other applicants (University transcripts are not evaluated for the selection).

Once admitted, transfer students enroll in the first year of the program and they may request or not request recognition of exams taken in the university of origin.

Check how to enroll as a transfer student

Withdrawal from studies


The following information is valid only for students enrolled in their 1st year of a program (students enrolled in their 2nd year onwards are kindly invited to contact the “Academic Affairs Desk”).

Students who decide to withdraw from Bocconi, within this date, must send an email to rper@unibocconi.it:

  • declaring their intention to withdraw from studies
  • attaching a valid ID/passport
  • attaching the appropriate withdrawal form (available in the Download Area) duly filled out
  • indicating as a subject: “Withdrawal Full Name – User ID number (30xxxxx), Application code  ( B0xxx)”

 The Admissions Office will respond by email confirming the withdrawal from studies.


The reimbursement of the first installment/advance payment is only possible under special conditions and by specific deadlines. Check how to request the reimbursement of the first installment/advanced payment. 


Starting from this date, students are invited to submit requests to the “Academic Affairs Desk”

Other useful information for non-EU students

To finalize your enrollment at Bocconi, if you have a non-EU citizenship, you are required to obtain a student visa and a permit of stay.

Find out more on how to apply for a student Visa and a Permit of Stay.

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