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Activating an internship

When you are thinking about internships, two are the main concepts to keep in mind: activation and (credit) recognition.

To activate an internship means to sign a written agreement that will be the contractual basis of the experience. It is required by the law and it allows the University to offer insurance coverage for civil liability and accidents at work.
Without this agreement the internship formally does not exist; this means that you have to activate it before the beginning of the experience.

To recognize an internships means having it registered in your study plan and getting credits for it.
An internship that has not been properly activated (and that therefore formally does not exist) cannot be recognized and grant credits.

Internships are activated following slightly different procedures – all through JobGate – with regards to their location or the type of the experience the intern is carrying out:

  • usually the University prepares the internship documents (in Italy this is the only available procedure);
  • for internships abroad (outside Italy) a contract signed by the intern and the employer can be taken into account to register the internship;
  • field project are activated with the support of the Departments and Research Centres that host them.

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