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During the internship

During the internship it’s easy to be absorbed by the job and to lose sight of some crucial aspects for its success.

In order to activate an internship you need to sign a written agreement: the internship documents are usually prepared by the University through the JobGate portal, can be printed both by the employer and the intern and need to be signed and sent to the University during the first days of the internship.

In case you and your employer need to change the duration of the internship (suspension, extension, …), it is important to notify these changes through JobGate.

There are two evaluations to be carried out during the internship: an intermediate one, to think over the course of your experience, and a final one, mandatory also for the credit recognition.
If something is not going as planned, remember that when the internship has been activated you have been assigned a university supervisor (indicated in the internship document) that can support you to put the internship back on track.

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