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What to do on the first day: internship documents

An internship is considered activated once the document regulating it (Progetto Formativo Individuale/Convenzione Singola di Tirocinio/Internship Agreement) has been duly signed; therefore, on the first day you must make sure that this document is printed out, signed by you and the employer and sent to the University in accordance with the prescribed procedure.

In particular:

The employer may print out the document from the page concerning your internship on the JobGate portal. You may also print out the document from the yoU@B Agenda, in the section "My internships"–"Training project".

The document must then be signed by you and by a legal Representative of the employer or his/her delegate.
In most Bocconi internship documents two signatures are required, at the penultimate and final article thereof.

Once signed, the original document must be sent to the Internship Office in either of the following ways:

Often it is the employer who sees to the sending, but it is your responsibility to verify that it is carried out, because in the event of non-submission of the document the internship cannot be considered valid.

Only if unable to promptly send the document (for instance, in the case of an internship that starts or is carried out remotely), it is possible to upload a copy of the document duly signed and completed with a revenue stamp in the "Stampa e allegati" area of JobGate. As soon as possible, the original copy of the document must be sent by post.

For internships taking place outside Europe, a scan of the document submitted via Help&Contact (Internship > internship activation) is accepted, but the original must be given to the Internship Office once the intern has returned to Italy.

Finally, the Internship Office makes the document bearing all signatures available to the employer (on JobGate) and to the intern (in the Agenda, section "My internships") by uploading it in the “Attachment Area”.

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