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Types of internship

Internship is an on the-field training experience, not a work contract, whose governing rules, applicable in Italy, are established by current national and regional laws and regulations, and by the University.
By “curricular internship” is meant an internship pursued by students before receiving their degree.
A curricular internship that satisfies certain requirements may be registered in the student’s curriculum of studies (curricular internship for credits). This may be done for a single internship per study course*.

*A second internship experience worth 6 credits can be completed only for Bachelor of Science and Law programs, which will be recorded as an additional internship in the study plan. For more information, please see the Guides to the University.

Additional internships, or internships that do not satisfy the requirements for recognition, are referred to as curricular internships without credits (if pursued before award of degree).
Finally, an internship pursued after graduation is known as an extracurricular internship.

Verify in detail the characteristics (purpose, time allocation, duration, assistance and venue) of the various types of internship:

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