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Activation through foreign contract

The laws of certain countries regarding internships may differ from Italian law. Therefore it may occur that an employer will formalize the internship relations with a contract of its own, requiring only its signature and that of the intern, not that of the University.

IMPORTANT: this option is not valid for internships carried out in Italy.

To ensure that an internship governed by a foreign contact is registered on the JobGate portal and recognized as part of your study plan, follow the instructions given below.

You can also get a feedback on the evolution of the internship process through the CHECK YOUR INTERNSHIP widget available in the INTERNSHIP section of your You@B diary.





Send a copy of the contract to the Internship Office via Help&Contact before the beginning of the experience.

The contract must contain (or, alternatively, you must provide in annex) the following information:
— name and type of company,
— industry,
— number of employees,
— headquarters,
— name and communication details of a company contact,
— type of contract,
— term of the contract,
— period of internship,
— job description.

For the  Summer Internships at investment banks, the information to be sent - if not contained in the contract - is:
— description of tasks,
— contact details of the company tutor (full name, e-mail address) or of the team that you will be supporting.

If you do not yet know these details, tell the Internship Office in the message and be sure to send them as soon as possible.

The Internship Office

Evaluates the contract and registers it on the JobGate portal.
At this point the internship will appear in the “My internships” area of JobGate on the yoU@B Agenda.

In the case of a curricular internship for credits, the Office will make available the request for credits (advance authorization).



Access JobGate: in the area “My internships”, section “Training project”, confirm the internship through the appropriate button.

In the case of credited curricular internships, request advance authorization by clicking on the "Request for credit recognition” button on the same page.

The Internship Office


Activates your internship.

A message in the “NOTICES” box of the yoU@B Calendar will inform you of the activation. Moreover, all the traffic light symbols of the training project in Calendar will be green. Remember that the Internships Office has until the Friday prior to the beginning of the internship to activate it.


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