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Activation of an internship abroad

In certain countries outside Italy, internship relations may be formalized through a bilateral contract provided directly by the Employer. Such document requires only the signature of the Employer and that of the intern, not that of the University.

Thus, if the Employer provided you with a contract of its own, follow the instructions given below.

IMPORTANT: before proceeding, make sure that the Employer intends to formalize your internship with a contract of its own.

Otherwise, if the Employer wishes to formalize your experience through Bocconi’s Internship Agreement (drafted by the University and signed by you, the Company and the University), click here.

Steps to follow to register the foreign contract signed by you and the company on JobGate (three weeks before the start of the internship):

1. You: fill in the form you find in the yoU@B Agenda
Please note: The form won't be available from August 3rd to August 21st.

From the left menu, open “Internships” – “Self-found internship abroad”
Enter the requested information.
Remember to attach the contract. Otherwise, your request will not be processed.

2. The Internship Office: evaluates the contract and examines your training project
-if the requirements of curricular internship for credit are met, it will register the internship on JobGate and make available the request for credit (advance authorization);
-if the requirements of curricular internship for credit are not met, but the experience is in line with your academic path and the University’s quality standards, it will register your internship on JobGate as curricular without credits.

3. You: confirm the internship
Access JobGate, area “My internships”, section “Training project” and confirm the internship through the appropriate button. Moreover, for any internship outside Italy, you must read and sign Hold Harmless document.

4. You: in the case of curricular internship for credit, request advance authorization
Click on the "Request for credit recognition” button on the same page.

5. The Internship Office: activates your internship

Go to the following link in order to learn more about the credit recognition procedure.

Also check the web page Helpful Information for internships abroad with updates about countries, necessary documents and travel safety.

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