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Curricular internships for credit

These are internships which, satisfying certain requirements of content, duration and time allocation, entitle the student to credit points and are registered in the study plan.

For information on Requirements of curricular internships for credit and Credit recognition procedure.



To enhance the learning process.


In order for internship to be able to constitute a period of real personal and professional enrichment, the University places this experience after the completion of a part of the path of studies that is essential for acquiring a basic volume of theoretical knowledge.

The internship, in order to be recognized in the curriculum of studies, must be carried out:
Bachelor: from the end of the second year classes;
Master of Science: from the end of the first year classes:
Law: from the end of the fourth year classes.


Bachelor (either in Italy or abroad)
minimum 6 weeks full time (min. 35 hours per week)
minimum 8 weeks part time (min. 20 hours per week)

Master of Science/Law 
(either in Italy or abroad)
minimum 8 weeks full-time internships (min. 35 hours per week)
minimum 11 weeks part time (min. 20 hours per week)


Italy: compensation (monetary contribution) and any benefits are at the discretion of the employer, and are not prescribed by law.
Abroad: compensation (monetary contribution) and any benefits depend on respective national laws.

In case of an unpaid internship outside of Italy you may check your eligibility for one of the scholarships provided by the University.

The compensation is defined as “allowance” or “scholarship”. Terms as “salary” or “remuneration” are not correct if referred to an internship, since this latter is not an employment relationship.
However, fiscally, such allowances may be equated to employment incomes (cfr. art. 50 co. 1, lett. c), DPR n. 917/1986 TUIR - ris. A.E. n. 95/E/2002).
For the purpose of tax return, the intern is advised to contact his/her own accountant.
Reimbursement of expenses (namely, costs incurred by the intern, agreed with and on behalf of the employer, that shall be justified, such as train tickets) are not fiscally relevant, neither for the employer nor for the intern.

Hosting institution

May be carried out in Italy or abroad, in any organized workplace as in: public or private companies, industrial, commercial or service companies, banks or financial services firms, professional firms or trade associations, public bodies, institutions or cultural and artistic associations, non-profit organizations, organizations or companies operating in tourism, communication or media sectors, international organizations, diplomatic representations, cultural institutions or other organizations.

The University reserves the right to evaluate the eligibility of the internship location and any blended (in-person/remote) or remote (distance) modes, according to the regulations.

Internships at family-owned companies are not permitted.


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