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Activation of a research project at Bocconi Departments and Research centers

A field research project is an activity conducted under the supervision of a Bocconi faculty member with the purpose of involving the student exclusively in a research activity to be carried out at a University Research Center or Department.

A field research project may be pursued solely as a curricular activity for credits; otherwise it cannot be activated*.

*Starting in the 2019-2020 a.y., only Bachelor of Science and Law program students may also pursue a field research project as an additional curricular activity for credit.

Assuming that this activity is to be considered a part-time experience, the minimum duration for credit recognition purposes is 16 weeks (11 weeks for three-year Bachelor students), while the maximum duration is six months. (New minimum durations for internships activated before 31/12/2022).
The procedure for credit authorization and recognition is similar to the one for standard internships: in addition you will need to prepare a report on your research activity.

To learn the procedure for activating a field research project, see the steps below.

You can also get a feedback on the evolution of the internship process through the CHECK YOUR INTERNSHIP widget available in the INTERNSHIP section of your You@B diary.



The faculty member in charge of the project


Defines the research program outline and its starting and ending date*

* Please be aware that University closures are NOT to be considered as part of the internship.



Make sure that the faculty member in charge has conveyed the information regarding your research project to the office of the Department or Research Center. 

The office of the Department/Research Center


Enters your research project in JobGate, providing your Student ID number and all appropriate data no later than the Monday prior to the beginning of the internship.

At this point the internship will appear on ​​JobGate in the “My internships” area of the yoU@B Calendar.



Access JobGate in the Calendar, in the areaMy internships”, section “Training project”, and check the information and content of the internship entered by the host unit.

Confirm the internship with the appropriate button. Confirmation stands as acceptance of the internship.

Request advance authorization by clicking on the "Request credits recognition" button on the same page.

The Internship Office


Examines your training project and, after verifying its contents, activates your internship.

 A message in the “NOTICES” box of the yoU@B Calendar will inform you of the activation. Moreover, all the traffic light symbols of the training project in Calendar will be green. Remember that the Internships Office has until the Friday prior to the beginning of the internship to activate it.



On the first day of the internship, go to JOBGATE (area “My internships”, section “Training project”) and download the internship document which has to be signed  by you, the person in charge of the project and the head of the organizational unit (e.g. Director of Research Center). The document must be signed and sent in original to the Internships Office in order to receive the signature of the University.

Experiences pursued without such documentation or, in any case, those for which such documentation has not been submitted before the start of a project will not have the value of an internship for Bocconi University.

The Internship Office


Makes available to the employer and the intern the document complete with all signatures, uploading it in the “Attachment Area” of JobGate (in “My internships”). 


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