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A team of students, Agnese Boschi, Elisa Cannatà, Francesco Michele Dessì, Matteo Di Donato, Marta Grondona and Vivien Pederzani, from the Marketing Management Master of Science program won 2009 Nokia University Program national competition.

Name: Le faremo sapere (We'll Let You Know).
Challenge: To develop a new web TV idea supported by a sustainable and valid financial policy.
Idea: UsItTv, a web TV that helps university students get settled into student life and life in the city. Also accessible on mobile phones, it includes 3 channels: SOS Channel, a handbook on student life, EasyTime Channel focused on recreation and leisure in the city, and My Channel which is personalized by users.

We were involved of all aspects, consulting with operators in the sector. We targeted a niche market that we know well, but that at the same time has a relevant number of consumers. We can easily say that we have a low cost project.
Agnese Boschi, Elisa Cannatà, Francescomichele Dessì, Matteo Di Donato, Marta Grondona and Vivien Pederzani.

They gave a very creative presentation and were prepared to discuss their project thoroughly. With just a few specific implementations, the project could become a true start-up.
Deborah Raccagni, Bocconi faculty member who, along with Paola Cillo, followed the project.

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