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Monsters University Disney Pixar Business Award

A team of students in the Master of Science in Marketing Management, made up of Ivan Parenti, Nicolò Scala, Giovanna Galati, Matilde Lucheschi and Luca Filippi, received the Disney Pixar Award 2013 “Monsters University”.

The team: Falafel

The challenge: Support the opening of the movie Monsters University with original and creative ideas

The idea: A marketing and communication plan that includes initiatives reaching potential audience members with as many means as possible and in an integrated manner. Several examples were provided: a traditional ATL plan including TV, print and posters, several digital activities (two apps, a mini website, PPC advertising, the use of social networks), partnerships with leading companies, guerilla events and activities. Ideas were developed while considering the various target groups and each group’s specific communicative needs.


It was a fun and exciting project right from the start. The opportunity to work on a brand as important as Disney and in film, an industry that millions of people are interested in, really inspired us. It was also interesting to have to justify each creative choice, examining how our work matched real data regarding budgets and ROI.
There were also difficulties, especially due to the fact that we were in different parts of the world working or studying abroad and we had to work virtually.
In the end we were able to coordinate everyone’s commitments, managing our work remotely, and we created a project we can be proud of.
We are very satisfied with our results and we can’t wait to present our work to Disney executives.
Team Falafel

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