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Henkel Innovation Challenge


The team
Team CyanoFix
, composed of Iva Mladenovic and Tommaso Bressa, students in the English-language  Marketing Management program, have won the Italian selection of the  Henkel Innovation Challenge, qualifying for the world finals to be held in Vienna from 8 to 11 April 2015.

The challenge
To create an innovative product aimed at the market of 2050 for one of Henkel’s brands, in a business sector that is important for the company. The Bocconi team members focused on the Adhesive Technologies sector.

The idea
Tommaso Bressa and Iva Mladenovic worked up a project in the field of preventive medicine using cyanoacrylate  technology. Team CyanoFix proposed the development of a medical glue that would be injectable into the circulatory system  of patients to repair internal lesions. The product’s goal is to increase the effectiveness of surgical procedures employed in the treatment of certain widely occurring  illnesses.

In the words of the students and the company

It was essential to reconcile our abilities and talents […]. The interaction with a manager was invaluable.
Team CyanoFix


The jury recognized the excellent construction of the project and the team’s capacity to think transversally about the potential needs of people in 2050, imagining  possible solutions that technology will be able to make available.
Manager Henkel

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