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Useful Information for Registered Associations

In this section you can find useful information that will help you better understand the different procedures that need to be followed when organizing events. Also remember that for complete and detailed information, you should to refer to the CASA Committee Regulations.

Types of Activities

Event: an on-campus or online initiative open to the Bocconi community, that involves external guest speakers

Bocconi Community Meeting: an initiative open to the Bocconi community that does not involve external guest speakers (examples include debates, presentations of the association, new member admission sessions, simulations, etc.)

Initiatives with Companies/Institutions: an initiative held off-campus or online, that provides for the involvement or contact with a company and/or institution (examples include: company visits, active participation in trade fairs or conferences, visits to institutions or organizations, networking initiatives, etc.). These initiatives are reserved to the members of the proposing association only

Internal Meetings: meeting for members of an association or representation group

Guidelines for the Organization of Activities

Here below you can find the main guidelines that student associations need to consider when organizing an activity. For complete and detailed information, you should to refer to the CASA Committee Regulations.

Student association activities cannot overlap with institutional activities

Plurality of viewpoints and opinions (i.e. no single-business events)

 Presence of a core faculty member as moderator (for "events")

Uphold the values of diversity and inclusion

How to Submit an Activity Request

Type of activity
Required documentation*
Events with external guest speakers (on campus or online)
Concept Event
One week before the CASA Committee meeting
  • Deatailed program
  • Guest speakers' short biography/ré sumé
  • Confirmation of participation of the moderator (UB core faculty professor)
  • Promotional material
  • Funding request (optional)
Initiatives with companies/institutions (online or off campus)
  • Pre-verification via email with Anna Airoldi


  • Concept Event
One week before the CASA Committee meeting For the pre-verification: Request of authorization for initiatives with companies/institutions

For Concept Event:

  • detailed program
  • promotional material
Bocconi Community Meeting (on campus or online) For on campus activities:
At least 8 business days before the scheduled day for the activity
  • detailed program
  • promotional material (if you need to use it)
  • funding request (optional)
For online activities:
No request
Internal meetings
(online or on campus)

For on campus meetings

to esami_aule@unibocconi.it & comitatocasa@unibocconi.it
At least 2 business days before the scheduled date (e.g. on Monday for Thursday)
No documentation required. In the request you need to specify the date, time (after 6pm), number of students, type of activity and association's name
For meetings in the Associations Area in Isonzo

Please fill out this form
At least 24 hours in advance
For online meetings:

No request

* for specific cases, additional documents might be required. Please refer to the Regulations for complete and detailed information.

Available Spaces, Resources and Tools


Associations Area in Isonzo for internal meetings

On campus rooms

A dedicated desk for Associations on Display


For specific activities, student associations can request up to €100 in funding from the CASA Committee. This funding is a reimbursement for promotional expenses. For complete and detailed information, please refer to the CASA Committee Regulations.


— Institutional email address: every student association is given an email address. All the communications addressed to Bocconi Student Associations, including the minutes of each CASA Committee meeting, are sent to this inbox that should be checked regularly.
Please note: the password must be updated at least every 3 months through the online procedure available at https://sspr.unibocconi.it
If the password has already expired, you need to request a reset by writing to association.management@unibocconi.it or contacting Campus Life through B in Touch.

Blackboard: each association is enrolled in a course on Blackboard named "Associazioni studentesche Bocconi" where you can find useful information and materials.

— yoU@B: presidents and vice presidents can update their association information in the dedicated section in the yoU@B Student Diary.

Concept Event and Event Bureau: these online platforms must be used for event requests. First, through Concept Event to submit a request to the CASA Committee for evaluation. Second, after the event is approved, through Event Bureau for more organizational reasons.

Annual Renewal

All student associations must fill out a renewal request every year. Usually this application takes place in May. All details are available here.

Please note: in case the renewal application is not submitted on time, an association can apply as a new association in the first available application period.

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