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Student Associations Activities

Students at Bocconi play a leading role in making life on campus more exciting with meetings, debates, events and recreation.

If you want to learn more about Bocconi Student Associations and participate in their activities, do not hesitate to contact them directly at the contact details that you can find in their social media profiles or websites. 

You can find complete information about the registered student associations on the Annual List webpage.

Here below you can find the most common activities that are held on campus.

Associations on Display

Associations on Display is the perfect moment to meet all student associations on campus.

Every year in September and February you can participate in this fair where student associations introduce themselves to the Bocconi student community. You can also gather additional information on their activities and on how to join them. 

The next edition will take place in the month of February 2024. Stay tuned for further updates and don't miss the opportunity to know all student associations!

On Campus Events

Throughout the academic year, student associations organize lots of events on campus focusing on a variety of topics. Their guests are Bocconi Professors and experts in different sectors. They are unique opportunities to learn more about specific topics.

These events usually take place in the late afternoon and are open to all students. Registration may be required.

Every month, all students receive a newsletter that includes all the events organized by student associations. Associations are very active on social media, therefore we suggest you follow their profiles in order to stay updated on their latest initiatives. Very often you will also find promotional materials on campus with upcoming appointments.


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