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How to join an association or to create a new one

AY 2023-2024

How to join a student association?

Every year student associations have the possibility to introduce themselves to the Bocconi Student Community on the occasion of two dedicated events, called "Associations on Display".

Usually student associations start their application campaigns during Associations on Display, therefore this is the right moment if you want to join an association.

Check out the annual association list to find out the one that suits your interests!

How to create a new association?

If you think that none of the already existing student associations fits you, it could be interesting for you to know that any Bocconi student can create a Bocconi student association, provided that:

  1. Its statutory objectives are not in conflict with Italian law
  2. Its statutory objectives are not in conflict with the University's regulations and values
  3. Its aims do not overlap with the University’s institutional activities.

However, in order to support student associations and allocate the resources available, Bocconi has established the Association List.

Requirements and methods for applying for the registration of a new association are indicated in the General Regulations.

Only associations registered on the List may access the resources provided by the University, which include: 

  • Spaces on campus where activities can be organized
  • University funding for events/activities organized by associations
  • Several communication tools available to promote events/activities, including a Bocconi e-mail account created just for the association and a personal page on the University website.

How to apply?

Please note that the information below is currently being updated.

Before starting the application for a new association, please make sure you have checked that an association with the same aims does not already exist.


  • Acknowledgment and acceptance of the Regulations
  • Presence of at least 10 founder members (Bocconi students): please download the PDF file that you will need to fill out and upload on the online renewal application
  • Submission of all required documentation and information through the online form (STEP 1)
  • Collection of at least 150 signatures in support of the creation of the association (to be collected through the yoU@B online procedure) (STEP 2)
  • Deadlines and procedures

    1st step
    May 29th June 5th 2023
    Submit a registration request for the Associations List through the dedicated online form
    2nd step*
    June 8th-15th 2023Collect the signatures supporting the registration to the List, through the designated procedure in the yoU@B Diary.

    *Please note! Only student associations that submitted the required online form by the deadline of the 1st step and that meet the minimum requirements (e.g. number of founders) will be able to continue with the 2nd step of the registration procedure.

    Required documentation

    In the online form you will need to upload the required documents, listed below, and declare some information regarding the association.

    Required documentation:

    • Founders' List: please download and fill out this PDF file

    • Statute: in compliance with laws, codes of conducts and Bocconi University's principles and regulations, that includes admission criteria, manager's selection criteria, objectives and scopes and that states the absence of any kind of discrimination. For further information, click HERE.

    • Logo (if present): it should be coherent with the name/acronym of the association as declared in the statute. Please find below the main indications for a compliant logo:
      • Using the colors and font of the university’s official logo is not allowed
      • If the full name of the association is used, then it must be complete
      • The acronym of the association may be used, provided it is unique
    • Motivational letter addressed to the CASA Committee in which students need to indicate:

      • the main motivation that led them to found a new student association
        the main differences from already existing associations that share similar objectives and aims
        The added value the new association brings to the Bocconi student community

    Step 1: Online application

    On the online form, on behalf of the association, the president must:

    1. Sign the regulations to attest their acknowledgement
    2. Declare the following information:
      1. Contact information for the association’s president and vice president
      2. A brief report of the main and most significant activities that the association would like to organize during next academic year
      3. List of already existing partnerships and/or collaborations with student associations from other Universities and/or with institutional bodies that the association has already signed or would like to sign
      4. List of third parties that support the association financially (if present)
      5. Whether the association belongs to a student national/international network and if yes, which network
      6. Other relevant information

    The application will be accessible from 29th May to 5th June only.
    Time to complete: approx. 30'


    • the online application must be completed in one session
    • the online application must be completed by one student only for each association
    • make sure you have prepared in advance all required documents and information for completing it smoothly.

    Step 2: Signatures collection

    Student associations that successfully completed the 1st step of the application, will need to collect the signatures supporting the registration to the List, through the designated procedure in the yoU@B Diary.


    The requests will be evaluated by the CASA Committe on July 5th 2023.

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