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Association Statute

The Statute is the founding document of an association (download mock statute in the attachment box on the right).

Because it allows associations to self-organize, Bocconi has not created a reference for statutes, but rather has indicated principles according to which statutes should be written.


Remember that a student association may not have:

  1. statute objectives in conflict with Italian law.
  2. statute objectives in conflict with the university’s values and regulations.
  3. aims and/or activities that overlap with the university’s institutional activities.
  4. internal organizational processes that do not guarantee equal opportunities to all members.


ATTENTION! The Statute must contain and specify the following elements:

  • Associations need to indicate a precise address on their statute but may not have their registered office on one of the Bocconi's campus addresses or on a generic location (i.e. in "Milan").
  • If the name “Bocconi” is used in the name of the association, it must be accompanied by “students” or “studenti”. Name and Logo of the association must be coherent.
  • Objectives and scopes of the association - that should not overlap with institutional activities  must be defined and presented in a clear and detailed manner. 
  • Elections of association’s bodies and heads (President, Vicepresident and any other body) must be held in a fully democratic and transparent manner. Heads of an association may not be presidents/vicepresidents in other associations.
  • Only Bocconi students may be members of a Bocconi student associations. Membership status and active positions within the association are forfeited upon graduation. Members must have the same rights in terms of voting and standing for elections.
  • Transparent admission criteria must aim to avoid any kind of discrimination. The association cannot select its members, rather it can only decline an application following a legitimate explanation.
  • The association has to establish a membership fee. The amount of the fee does not have to be specified in the statute and can also be of symbolic value.
  • The Statute must clearly state that the association refrains from practicing any form of discrimination (such as, for example, discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability).
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