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Alessia Melegaro

program director

This program offers a unique blend of modern statistics and mathematics, the latest advancements in Computer Science, and Bocconi’s strong expertise in business.

We offer two different tracks: the Business Analytics track and the Data Science track.

The Business Analytics track is tailored for students who want to apply data science in a business context. Our goal is to equip graduates with the skills to make sense of data, predict trends, and drive data-informed decisions in diverse organizations. This track covers data Visualization, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Statistical Analysis within real-world business scenarios, preparing graduates to excel in data-driven roles across various departments.

The Data Science track is aimed at students who want to approach such a fundamental discipline from a broader perspective. They will acquire the theoretical, methodological and computational expertise to develop and apply innovative Machine Learning algorithms and Statistical methods for addressing modern data-related challenges, as well as expand their knowledge in a variety of fields, including Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Social Sciences and other domain-specific disciplines. The Data Science specialization prepares our graduates to pursue both leadership positions as data scientists in different kinds of organizations, and also PhD programs in Statistics and Computer Science at prestigious universities around the globe.

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