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Career Opportunities

There currently is a huge demand for graduates in Data Science and Business Analytics on the job market. The possible career paths may be loosely related to the two tracks that characterize the program, namely: data scientist and business analyst.

Data scientists are recruited both by research centers within national and international institutions, tech companies and data-savvy companies operating in a wide range of industries that include healthcare, social media, finance, insurance, consulting, public utilities and pharma, just to mention a few.

Business analysts are required in any functional area within industrial and service companies in the public or private sector, especially consumer goods manufacturing firms, large retailers, consulting firms and public utilities companies.

The program also provides the necessary background for successfully undertaking a PhD program in any of the following fields: Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Computer Science, Business and Management, Economics and Finance.

Moreover, graduates may take advantage of business, programming, and statistical skills acquired to start a company in the data-driven economy.

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