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Bocconi test: structure, time management and how to prepare for it

Test structure and subject areas

The Bocconi test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, divided into 3 subject areas:

Verbal reasoning (14 questions)

Data insight (16 questions)

Quantitative reasoning (10 questions)


A. Reading comprehension
It contains a series of questions designed to test the comprehension of passages and the quality of the processing of the information contained in them.To answer it correctly, you need to have assimilated the meaning and information contained in the passage.

B. Data/Statements
The test includes questions designed to assess your ability to reason logically. You will be given some data and some statements. You will need to figure out whether each statement is true or false based on the given data.

C. Verbal critical reasoning
The third type of verbal reasoning questions will present a short passage describing a specific situation. At the end of the passage, a question is asked to assess the critical reasoning capacity of the candidate, e.g., by asking which condition would best support the thesis proposed in the passage, or what is the logical assumption from which the thesis sustained in the passage comes. Assume that what is said in the passage is true – even though you might not always agree – and meditate, based on this assumption, on the cause-effect relationships implicit in the passage.


A. Numerical critical reasoning
This area includes questions used to assess the numerical reasoning ability. Tables, histograms, graphs, or simple passages are presented, followed by several questions. Your task is to solve the problem that is presented by using reasoning, primarily, and by paying close attention to the information that is provided.

B. Data Sufficiency
In the second type of Data insight questions, a question made up of two parts will be presented. Firstly, you will read a problem, followed by two statements indicated by the numbers (1) and (2). The task is to decide which statement or statements are necessary, if any, in order to solve the problem.


This area includes both mathematics and statistics questions.

To practice on the test questions, you can download the test sample available in the "Download area" of this webpage.

Time management and score assessment

The online Bocconi test lasts 80 minutes.

The questions are distributed within the test in a mixed way both by difficulty level and by topic.

The time for the resolution of each question may vary depending on the type of question. 

It is important that you work on your time management skills and on your ability to move smoothly from one topic to another as well as on developing a personal strategy that takes into account your areas of strenght and weakeness. 

Scores are calculated as follows: 

  • Right answer: 1 point
  • Missing answer: 0 points
  • Wrong answer: — 0.25 points. 

Applicants who receive a total score (penalties included) lower than 10 out of 40 will not be considered in the selection process.

Support for students with disabilities and learning disorders

Based on Italian regulations in force (Law 17/1999 and 170/2010) and CNUDD (Conferenza Nazionale Universitaria dei Delegati per le Disabilità) guidelines, Bocconi University is committed to offer the best tailor- made solutions to support applicants with disabilities (temporary or permanent) or learning disorders (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia) in taking the Bocconi test.

Further information are available on the webpage dedicated to students with disabilities/learning disorders.

Practical information on the Bocconi online test

Registering and taking the test


The Bocconi online test is held through an external webtesting platform implemented with a proctoring system, available at this link:

Bocconi webtesting platform 

Starting from 23 September applicants will be able to create their account on the webtesting platform and register for a test date.
Applicants will be able to take their online test starting from 25 September on.

Bocconi online test
available from 25 September 2023 to 22 May 2024 *

*During this period, different dates will be available for taking the test and applicants may choose according to their preferences, upon availability of test slots. 

The webtesting platform will not be available:

  • from 7 through 10 December 2023
  • from 23 December 2023 through 1 January 2024
  • from 31 March through 1 April 2024

Please consider that the webtesting platform will close a few days before the application deadline and students should schedule their test accordingly.

For example, the last day to take your test for the first round of application will be 4 November (with booking completed by 2 November).

When scheduling and booking your test, please take into account that test dates that are just before the deadlines are the most popular so they might run out of places very fast.

Please consider that days close to the deadlines are highly requested and book your preferred test date well in advance to avoid possible sold-out options.


On your first access, you should register and create a personal account. Once your account has been activated, you can use it to log in to the webtesting platform at any time. 

On the webesting platform you can: 

  • see the test dates available and book a test attempt
  • purchase a "test attempt" (max 2 per academic year)
  • take the online test
  • see and download your test score reports.

Applicants can take the test max. 2 times per academic year, during the entire period abovementioned.

They can't take the test twice on the same day or two days in a row. 
After obtaining a test score, applicants might want to review their performace and take their time to prepare for the next attempt. 

Only students who are graduating by October 2024 (or already graduated) have the right to take the Bocconi online test. 
Students who take the test when not eligible (for example those graduating later than October 2024) will have their test voided and will be excluded from any future round of selection. 

For each test attempt, applicants are required to pay a 60€ test fee. 
Access to the online test is subject to the payment of the test fee. 

You can purchase a test attempt and book a test slot in advance, and log in to the webtesting platform to take your test later.

After purchasing a test attempt, the test will be available within about 48 hours. This means that you will need to complete the purchase by September 23 you would like to take the test on September 25, and so on. 

Once the applicants have obtanied their test score, it's their decision whether to apply for admissions or not and which test score to use (if they have took the test more than once). 


Instructions and rules of conduct

To better prepare for your test, it is essential that you get to know what devices and technical requirements are needed, what rules of conduct apply and what steps you will go through to start and finish your test.

On this webpage in the "Focus on" area, you can find the document "Instructions and rules of conduct" that includes all the abovementioned information. Read it carefully before your test day!

Violation of the regulations indicated in the document "instructions and rules of conduct" might result in the test being voided and/or in the applicant being excluded from the round/s of selection for AY 2024-2.5.

Test score report

The test score report sums up the performance of your test attempt.

It will be available for download in your webtesting platform's personal area, about 48hrs after your test.

The test score report includes your total score, subject areas scores, number of correct, wrong, not answered items. It is indeed very useful to review your performance and understand your area of weakness and strenght for your future test attempt(s).

On your test score report you will find a REFERENCE NUMBER made up of ten alfanumeric characters.

This code is a unique identifier of your test attempt and will have to be indicated in your online admission application as it appears on your test score report in the section "ref. no." (example: 24GE3aK1v5).

Contacts and technical assistance

For assistance on the purchase of a test attempt on the webtesting platform, refund policy, technical issues and/or disconnection during the test, etc. please send an email via this form: support.giuntipsy.com

The above-mentioned form is the only one that can be used to report technical problems during the exam. Reports arrived via other addresses or other systems (e.g., phone calls or chat) will not be considered in any way.

The assistance service is active Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00, and on Friday from 9:00 to 16:30. Reports received on Saturday and Sunday will be handled starting from the following Monday. Responses to emails received for cases not included in the FAQ will be provided within the next 48h working hours.

Reports of technical problems must be received within 24 hours of taking the test. For example, if you take the test on Monday at 15:00, you will need to report any technical problems you have encountered by Tuesday at 15:00.

For information and clarifications relating the rules of conduct, test scores and admissions results, etc. please write to: graduateadmissions@unibocconi.it or call +39.02.5836.3355

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