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Program Structure

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Learning the Fundamentals of Law (1st year)

Main topics

  • General Jurisprudence
  • Introduction to Private Law
  • Transnational Constitutional Law
  • Historical Foundations of Law

Critical thinking seminar

In the first year of the Bachelor, you will learn the conceptual and substantive foundations of legal methodology used in civil law and common law systems.

Acquiring Interdisciplinary Fundamentals (2nd and 3rd years)

Main topics

  • International Organizations
  • Microeconomics / Public Finance
  • Quantitative Analysis for Global Jurists

Legal Tech
Foreign Language

The program will then provide you with the basic economic knowledge and skills required to understand the dynamics of global markets and the actors operating in them, as well as the essential quantitative methods currently used by lawyers.

Characterizing (2nd and 3rd year) and Personalizing (3rd year) Your Curriculum

Main characterizing topics

  • European Union Law
  • International law and Protection of Human Rights
  • Administrative law
  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Regulatory Law / Global Finance
  • Labor and Social Law
  • Criminal Law

Personalized Global Jurist Track

  • International and digital dispute resolution / Criminal Procedure
  • Economic Analysis of Law / International Political Affairs
  • Legal issues in climate change / Gender Law and women's rights
  • Intellectual property law and Information law/ Sports law

Legal clinic or Internship
Professional Skills Seminars
Final work

In the last two years of the program, you will pursue an in-depth study of the main legal issues currently debated at a global level in the various branches of law. This is in part thanks to the chance to self-design the last part of your curriculum and the opportunity to apply to a study abroad experience.

If you intend to continue your studies with the Integrated Master of Arts in Law at Bocconi, which is specifically focused on Italian law, in the third year of the Bachelor you will have the opportunity to opt for the Domestic Lawyers track. This track will allow you to take several exams focusing more in-depth on Italian law, with courses held in Italian, including among others Diritto processuale civile, Diritto processuale penale, Diritto penale, and Diritto civile.

Please note that the program structure is subject to change.


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