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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a certification that assesses and certifies digital marketing essential skills. The program covers the methods for web presence options, contents optimization for search engines (SEO), the use of social media platforms, the development of online marketing and advertising, as well as monitoring and improving campaigns using analytics.

1. Purchase the exam

In order to take the Digital Marketing exam, you need to purchase an exam through the online payment form available in your YoU@B student diary (or available here for external users).

The exam costs 50 euros for Bocconi students, while for external users it costs 75 euros.

In order to take the Digital Marketing exam, you have to own a ICDL Skills Card, a virtual card on which all the ICDL exams that you pass are recorded. The ICDL Skills Card does not have an expiration date. Those who have already completed the ECDL Core can convert their Skills Card Core into a ICDL Skills Card without buying another one (but only if the Skills Card Core has not expired). 

The Skills Card can be bought through the same online payment form. The Skills Card price, discounted for Bocconi students, is 60 euros. For external users, the price is 85 euros.

Please note that, currently, we do not accept registrations from external users.

2. Register for the exam

  • Bocconi students can register for ICDL Advanced exams autonomously through their yoU@B diary. It is also possible to modify or cancel existing registrations. The modules will be refunded and made available again in the students YoU@B diary. Registration for exam sessions and any changes or cancellations must be completed by 11:59 PM on Thursday of the week before the chosen date.

3. Take the exam

The exam is made up of 36 theoretical and practical questions, that must be completed in 45 minutes. In order to pass the exam, at least 75% of the questions must be answered correctly.

Unless otherwise announced, Digital Marketing exams will take place in Room 304 (Via Gobbi 5, 3rd floor) on the dates listed on the calendar. Candidates must show up 15 minutes before the scheduled session. In case of delay, the examiner is authorized to exclude candidates from the examination session.

It is mandatory to bring the university ID card or a valid identification document (identity card, driving license or passport) to the exam. Candidates without proper ID will not be allowed to take the exam.

4. Get ready for the exam

The recommended bibliography, the detailed program (Syllabus), the examination modalities and the Sample test can be downloaded here.

Upcoming exam dates are: 

Exam dateApproximate timingClassroomRegistration periodSoftware usedLanguage
Thu. 09/03/202317:30
Room 304 (in presence)
Until 02/03/2023
Office 2019
Mon. 03/04/202317:30
Room 304 (in presence)
Until 30/03/2023
Office 2019
Wed. 03/05/202312:30
Room 304 (in presence)
Until 27/04/2023
Office 2019
Thu. 22/06/202317:30
Room 304 (in presence)
Until 15/06/2023
Office 2019

5. Exam result

You will be able to check the outcome of the exam in your private area on the AICA website.

To access your private area, connect to the page: www.aicanet.it (only in Italian) and click REGISTER on the top right. On the next page select: REGISTER AS A CANDIDATE and fill out the form, selecting from the certification menu: ICDL. Then enter your skills card number in the dedicated section (do not enter IT-).

In case of problems accessing the reserved area, you can contact AICA technical support www.aicanet.it

6. Receive the Digital Marketing certificate

After passing the exam, the IT Learning Center will send the Digital Marketing certificate in .pdf format to your Bocconi email address, or, in case of external users, to the email address registered in the Magento system.



Please read carefully the following information before signing up for the Digital Marketing exam online.

Technical requirements for attending Digital marketing exam:

1) being equipped with a PC with Microsoft Windows 7, 8.X or 10 operating system or Mac (from July 7). It is not possible to perform Digital Marketing exams with tablets/smartphones;
2) For Windows PC: having installed 2010/2013/2016/2019 or 365 Microsoft Office versions  in order to carry out the exams relating to the Office modules. Also check that the installed Office package is configured in the same exam language (italian or english). Mac users don't need Microsoft Office (they will use a Virtual Machine, a specific password will be communicated by the teacher during the exam);
3) For both Windows and Mac: having installed the Microsoft Teams application (it is strongly recommended to download the application instead of accessing Teams in web mode);
4) For both Windows and Mac: having a functioning camera installed on the PC for the entire duration of the exam (the webcam can be integrated or external);
5) For both Windows and Mac: having an ADSL/fiber (recommended) internet connection;
6) being ready to show the Bocconi badge or a valid identity document.

Before registering for the exams through the yoU@B agenda, it is essential to carefully check that your PC has the characteristics listed above.
Before taking one or more exams (on a single or different days) it will also be essential (only for Windows) to install the AICE program on your PC and carry out an AICE DEMO session.
In order to do it, every student enrolled in the ICDL sessions with Windows will receive at his Bocconi email address instructions on how to install the AICE program (Aice Agent and Aice Monitor) and credentials (username and password) to launch the AICE DEMO. The AICE DEMO is mandatory and has to be completed by 2.30 pm on the day preceding the exam date.
The AICE DEMO must be completed only once by each candidate (the first time). From the second session or for any repetition it will not be necessary to repeat it.

Take Digital Marketing exam online

Before each exam, each student will receive at its Bocconi email address an invitation to access the exam session (through Microsoft Teams) and the credentials (one for each module to be taken) to access the exam.

At the scheduled day and time, students will have to login to Microsoft Teams through the link received, kepping both their credentials and the Bocconi badge/identity document with them.

Mac only: the student who has selected the Mac operating system will receive an additional email with instructions for accessing the exam and connecting to the virtual machine

Please note: the instructions and emails are sent to students on the Friday precedithat precedes the exam date.

Please note

The ITEC Staff and the examiner can not check the characteristics of the student's PC or provide technical support before and/or during the exam.

In the event that the student's PC does not work for reasons cannot be attributed to ITEC (internet connection or lack of one or more indispensable features) the exam will be lost and cannot be recovered.


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