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Important things to remember when you are selected for the exchange:

Safety: Before leaving for the Exchange, we remind you to read the Bocconi Students Travel Risk Policy (on yoU@B – International SOS) and access International SOS services, which include:

  • Before Leaving: information about the country of destination
  • While Abroad: advice on health and security issues
  • In Case of Emergency: assistance in case of medical or security emergency.

International SOS is not a medical insurance and does not replace students’ personal medical insurance. To get more info, access via YOU@B, and download the free Assistance App.

Insurance: Please check the insurance policies of the host country. In case needed, you will have to provide an insurance coverage for your exchange period abroad. Some schools require to purchase their own insurance plan, in some cases upon arrival.

Host School Application: Most of the host schools have very strict deadlines for applications (for enrolment, courses selection, accommodation, etc).

Please check your e-mail daily as the Study Abroad Office (or the Partner School directly) will forward you instructions and forms/documents to be filled in and returned.

Passport/Visa: Please check information on immigration policies. In case a passport and/or a visa is needed, right after the selection process you will be asked to provide a copy of your valid passport in order to issue the useful documents. If your passport will expire during or within six months of the end of your study abroad program, renew it as soon as possible.

Accommodation: The accommodation offered by the host universities abroad can vary: check each partner school's website/factsheet and read former exchange students' reports for details. The Study Abroad Office is not responsible for administrative procedures regarding looking for, requesting and assignment of accommodation during the Program.

Students living in one of the Bocconi residences and who wish to leave their accommodation while abroad to Incoming Exchange Students should contact Fees Funding and Housing Office for specific deadlines. 

Erasmus: Students selected for those European Universities which take part in the Erasmus+ Programme will automatically benefit from getting the scholarship. If you are a grantee, you will be required to submit some documents to our Office. For further information, please check: www.ir.unibocconi.eu/erasmus - student mobility.

Enrol in the 3rd year: Just like students not participating in the Exchange Program you will need to enrol in the 3rd year and choose the elective courses (August/September, check the Student Administration Center website). However Exchange Students (who may insert tentative elective choices) have the chance to change their electives choice once back from the exchange period, after the Academic Recognition procedures.

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