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How to choose

In order to better understand which partner universities fit best with your need and program expectations, Bocconi provides the materials and information below.


On yoU@B — International programs:

- Destinations brochure that includes the links to Partner Universities websites and/or fact sheets; as well as the list ofCourses whose conversion was authorised to former exchange students in previous years.


In our Restricted Area :

- Reports of the previous exchange students;

- Previous selections' results.


In addition, please consider the following elements:


  1. Safety


Before applying to the Exchange program, you are required to read carefully the Bocconi Students Travel Risk Policy (on yoU@B – International SOS) and in particular, par. 2: Preparing for Travel.


Bocconi partners with International SOS, the world's leading medical & travel security assistance company, to provide advice and support to travelling students worldwide 24/7. 

Services are designed to help with medical, travel and security problems that may arise when away from home and they are dedicated to students participating in International Programs offered by Bocconi.

International SOS is not a medical insurance and does not replace students’ personal medical insurance.

International SOS services include:

-           Before Leaving: information about the country of destination

-           While Abroad: advice on health and security issues

-           In Case of Emergency: assistance in case of medical or security emergency

To get more info, access via yoU@B , and download the free Assistance App .


  1. Requirements


Partner Universities differ significantly among each other for the requirements students must certificate (ex. min GPA, Additional language requirements), the length and the dates of the exchange semester, the spots available for each semester, etc. Please consider all those elements carefully when applying for the exchange program.


  1. Accommodation


The accommodation offered by the host universities abroad can vary: check each partner school's website/factsheet and read former exchange students' reports for details. Please note that Bocconi Study Abroad Office is not in charge of students' accommodation; the host university will provide some help and information directly to selected students (if available).


  1. Costs and scholarships


Students who study abroad pay regular Bocconi tuition for the semester they are abroad, but they do not have to pay fees to the partner institution. Consider that Scholarships for international mobility  are available and allocated by the Fees Funding and Housing Office, in cooperation with Università Bocconi. Moreover, Erasmus + scholarships (for destinations included in the Erasmus +) and other possible scholarships (to be allotted on the basis of specific agreements with partner Institutions) are available.


  1. Citizenship and visa requirements


International students or students with dual citizenship cannot apply for some Schools in the countries for which they hold current citizenship. Details will be available in the 24-25 Destinations list.

Rules for entry the Countries may differ according to students’ citizenship. It is up to the student to verify the suitable procedures for obtaining the appropriate visa, if required, and any other documents necessary for the Exchange Program to be carried out in full compliance with local laws.

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