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How to apply - withdraw

How to apply 

Students have to enrol at the Punto Blu by the deadline  set. 

At the time of enrolment students can indicate up to 10 choices in order of preference (ie: the choice n. 1 is the most preferred destination). If you are not among the selected students and if you satisfy all the requirements, you will find yourself in the waiting list for the destinations listed in your application..

Plan your application carefully since no late enrollment, certificate, modification to the application can be accepted by the system or by the Study Abroad Office after the deadline.

Please note: if you apply to destinations with Additional Language Requirements you have to upload your language certificate at Punto Blu by the application deadline, even if it has already been registered in your academic career.

You are strongly advised to check if you have completed the enrolment, by saving all the entered data and saving the application receipt (before the application deadline).

Waiting list

Students in the waiting list who receive a nomination email from the exchange office, have to answer within three days and confirm if they wish to take part in the exchange program or communicate if they decide to withdraw. 

If the Study Abroad Office does not receive an answer in time, students will be considered as withdrawers.

How to withdraw 

Selected students who accept and decide to withdraw at a later stage must send an e-mail to the Study Abroad office.

A student who does not accept the destination s/he has been assigned to (among the choices), is automatically excluded from the current program and will not be assigned to any other destination.

Penalties: any selected student who decides to withdraw will not be allowed to either apply for any further selection of the Exchange Program or to apply as a Free-Mover (within the Undergraduate Degrees - Lauree Triennali).

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