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Skills and Self-Empowerment Courses

If you want to embark on a path of development or acquire life skills that will be useful for your integration into university and expand of your personal experience and relationships, you can register for one or more of our courses.
Here below you can find all details about courses taught in English.

For further information on courses taught in italian, please visit the italian site


Study Support Courses and Activities in English
For further information on study support courses and activities in italian, please visit the italian site.

Study Skills

Improve your study skills and find your personal way of learning

The course is mainly addressed to international students. 


Change is possible! Knowing yourself is the key to making the most of your resources and overcoming your flaws. 
In this course, we will try to understand how we function as students and what study strategies we can adopt to increase our academic performance. We will address topics such as concentration, motivation, note-taking, memorization techniques and time management.

Coordinator: Milena Milani, psychologist and psychotherapist

When: 12-14/10 and 2-4/11, 6 pm-7:30 pm

How: in distance (Collaborate)

How to register: Through yoU@B (from 1 to 10 October)

Tame anxiety to turn it into your ally

Anxiety is a common experience for many of us. Anxiety is usually seen as an obstacle, an impairment, a force that takes control over us to our detriment.

The fact that anxiety is so commonplace & widespread clearly suggests that it serves us as a biological survival mechanism; not only for coping in life-threatening situations, but, actually, in our daily routine.

How can we tame our anxiety so that it will work as a friend rather than an enemy?

In this class we will discuss that biological roots of our anxiety and its characteristics.

We will talk about different kinds of anxiety drawing a line between toxic and positive anxiety and learning strategies to transform the first into the latter.


  • Learn about the nature of anxiety
  • Different types of anxiety
  • How to identify your anxiety
  • Healthy life-style tips that help with your anxiety
  • Strategies and techniques to tackle your anxiety at each level (mental/emotional/physical)

Coordinator: Dr. Milena Milani, psychologist and psychotherapist

When: 16-18/11, 6 pm-7:30 pm

How: in distance (collaborate)

How to register: Through yoU@B by 14 November.

Learning Needs Help Desk

Learning Differences at Bocconi University: Support for university students with learning disorders

Further information is available here.

SKILLS Courses in English
For further information on skills courses taught in italian, please visit the italian site.


Empowerment: a coaching path


Scientific research and in particular the works of Dick and Duffy (Work as a Calling Theory) claim that living one's work as a "PROFESSIONAL CALL" leads to significant long-term benefits, offering greater satisfaction for one's work and higher performance. Living a professional call means seeing your studies, your working profession and personal life in line with values, interests and objectives.

Achieving these goals is not impossible, but you have to leave well in advance, using the orientation tool and considering that the university is the first fundamental step in building your career and personal life.
Through the strategic use of integrated tools, orientation, helps people develop their working identity and enhance decision-making capacity in consciously choosing the path of the future, increasing flexibility in reorienting yourself during your life consistently with a world in constant and kidnapped change.
The aim of this module is to provide students with effective tools and usage strategies to allow them to open their range of possibilities and consciously choose the future steps of studies and career in the world of work.

The central theme is to open up the possibilities.
The university and the world of work are not preset paths, but dynamic worlds full of different opportunities. The model that we adopt and that allows you to develop the qualitative leap is Empowerment, a model for identifying and strengthening its resources, as well as conscious choice.

The Empowerment Lab will be divided into three modules with the possibility of taking advantage of a structured interview on your Empowerment project.

First Module:
(Non Tecnical Skills)

Deepening the model of NTS (Non Tecnical Skills) has the aim of sharing techniques and tools that allow you to increase self-awareness and train during the university growth path. Hence the need to leverage both successful strategic soft skills and new skills.
The student will thus be able to optimize the achievement of his study objectives and later on his career.

Second Module:
The Empowerment Model

During the second module lasting 3 hours, the Empowerment model will be shared, and useful tools will be transferred, in order to enter the "world" that moves needs into desires and opens up to possibilities, allowing you to make informed choices.

Third Module:
self-empowerment workshops

During the third module lasting 4 hours, aware of the strategic skills to be oversaw and including the Empowerment model and its approach, the student will be involved in designing the feasibility of his desire in terms of personal development so as to train the useful tools for self - Empowerment.

Individual Interviews

At the end of the three modules you can take advantage of a structured interview useful for comparing and activating your Empowerment project developed during the laboratory in the third module.

Instructor: Corrado Arrigoni


  • 19 November, 5:30-8pm
  • 26 November, 4:30-8:30 pm
  • 1 and 3 December, individual meetings

Available spots:20

How to register: registration through yoU@B Diary by 17 November

A participation fee of 15€ is required. The fee must be paid through the online Bocconi University's online payment platform. Please note! Click on "Access as BOCCONI USER" and select the product "Empowerment".


Information about II semester courses will be made available in early January 2022.

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