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Enhancing experience

AY 2023-24 offered by Campus Life

The following courses offered by Campus Life belong to the Curricular supplementary activities (Enhancing Experience) that allow Master of Science students to earn 2 credit points.

For all information about the registration it is necessary to refer to the Guides to the University:

  • Enhancing Experience - Curricular supplementary activities
  • 9.3. ENHANCING EXPERIENCE - Curricular Supplementary Activities: choice, assignment and placement in the Program Structure

In order to be admitted to the final exam, students need to attend at least 80% of the classes. Students who pass the exam will earn 2 credit points.

In the chart below you can find an overview about the enhancing experiences offered by Campus Life. Further details on the classes and the final exam will be shared with the registered students.

At the bottom of the page you can find the detailed program for each course.

For those courses that foresee a multiple choice test as final exam, the test can be taken in presence only.

I semester
Course title
Calendar and modality
Registration period
Exam date and modality
Skills and self-empowerment
Business Writing
2-3 October 

4 October 2pm-6pm

In presence
Call for applications 1
17 October

choice, 15 questions (pass with 8 correct answers)
Public Speaking and Story Telling

(The program is available on the Italian website)
ITA9,10,11,13 October

In presence
Call for applications 1
20 October (deadline)

video assignment

Public Speaking and Story Telling

(The program is available on the Italian website)
ITA20,21,22,24 November

In presence
Call for applications 2
1 December 2023 (deadline)

video assignment
Arts & Humanities / Geopolitics
Geopolitics (ISPI): 
"Beyond the Battlefield: A Historical Analysis of Past and Contemporary Wars"
ENG31 October  2-7-9-14-28-30 November

Call for applications 2Early December

Multiple choice, 15 questions (pass with 8 correct answers)

Here below you can find the programs of the courses offered in English.
The programs of the courses offered in Italian is available here.


Business writing (ENG)

Course content and objectives
Excellent written communication skills are as valuable a resource as knowledge of a foreign language, especially for more formal occasions. This course teaches students to write any type of document in a professional, clear and convincing way, and then use this skill in all contexts, from project presentations to business emails.

- to acquire awareness of the fundamental skills of business writing: to write clearly and directly, or in a captivating way, to make the message more effective;
- to master the techniques for organizing the structure of a text;
- to stimulate creativity;
- to develop a variety of stylistic choices, knowing how to choose the most effective register for the context, the objective and above all the recipient.

Classroom activities: alternate practical exercises, discussion, case history, theoretical layout, including in cases shared by participants. At the end of each lesson, assignments will be provided which will be the subject of feedback for the next session.

Faculty for the course: Lorenzo Carpanè, scholar and researcher in linguistics and communication skills. Teaches at University of Bolzano and for Palestra della scrittura, Milan. His clients are major Italian companies, especially in finance, banking and insurance. Published about 100 articles, 15 books. As a writer, 3 novels, 5 fairy tales.

Beyond the battlefield (Geopolitics ISPI)

This course aspires to introduce some of the basic foundations of doctrine related to irregular wars that account for most of the conflicts of the past, present and future. However, these doctrinal elements are not only useful for military history, but also provide excellent insights into the management of human dynamics within the business world as well. At the conclusion of this course, students will:

> Understand the terminology connected to the history of irregular wars

> Understand the ends, ways, and means of successful counterinsurgency operations and campaigns

> Understand the ends, ways, and means by which these conflicts are being waged

> Understand the implications of ancient conflicts for the modern world


31 October, Session 1Methodology

Introduction to the seminar. Not only facts: words are important

  • Civil war
  • Revolutionary War
  • Partisan and Liberation War
  • Low Intensity Conflict
  • The use of terrorism
  • The meaning of victory

2 November, Session 2 Case study: Libya (1921-1931)

7 November, Session 3Case study: Malaya (1950-1960)

9 November, Session 4Case Study: Algeria (1954-1962)

14 November, Session 5Case study: Afghanistan (1839-1919…1979-1989…2001-2021)

Guest speaker – General John R. Allen, USMC (Ret.)

28 November, Session 6Case study: Iraq – 2003-2011

Guest speaker – General John R. Allen, USMC (Ret.)

30 November, Session 7 Lessons learned and policy recommendations to resolve an insurgency in the modern world

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