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Renew an existing association

Associations on the Bocconi register have to renew their registration each academic year.

By applying for renewal, the association declares to the University its interest in continuing its student activities, and informs the offices of possible changes to its board, its composition or its statute.

In consideration of the unique circumstances of the academic year that is about to end, the CASA Committee has decided to make the renewal procedure more flexible. The following indications are valid only for renewal for the AY 2021-2022.


When: from 6 to 15 May 2021


  1. Submission of the renewal application by the set deadlines and procedures together with all the required documentation*

  2. Acknowledgment and acceptance of the Regulations

  3. Presence of at least 20 members (Bocconi students)
    Please download here the pdf file that you will need to fill out and upload on the online renewal application

  4. Organization of at least one event during the academic year, or of communication activities approved by the CASA Committee after the evaluation of the “communication plan” or of activities held in collaboration with the university. Other types of activities approved by the CASA Committee may be taken into consideration, after verifying the commitment and involvement of the association.

*Required documentation:

  1. Statute: in compliance with laws, codes of conduct and Bocconi University's principles and regulations, that includes admission criteria, leadership selection criteria, objectives and scopes and that states the absence of any kind of discrimination.
    During the renewal process the association must:

    1. Declare that the statute is exactly the same as the one submitted for AY 2020-2021
    2. Submit the updated statute highlighting the differences from the 2020-2021 statute for which approval for AY 2021-2022 is required. For further information on the statute, please CLICK HERE.

2. Logo (if present)

During the renewal procedure and before uploading the logo, the association must indicate:

  1. Whether the uploaded logo has remained the same as the one already approved and used
  2. Whether the uploaded logo is different from the one already approved and therefore the association wants to change/modify the current logo (in this case before using the new logo, the association will need to wait for its approval by the CASA Committee).

    Please find below the main indications for a compliant logo:
    - Using the colors and font of the university’s official logo is not allowed
    - If the full name of the association is used, then it must be complete
    - The acronym of the association may be used, provided it is unique

  3. A document attesting the organization of:
    1. At least one event during the academic year: please attach the promotional material
    2. Communication activities approved by the CASA Committee after the evaluation of the communication plan: please attach the email attesting the submission of the final output or other confirmation
    3. Activities carried out in collaboration with the University: please attach a brief description of the initiative and the involved office

If none of the above documents can be submitted, evaluation of the renewal procedure can be requested by submitting other documentation attesting other types of initiatives approved by the CASA Committee, that shows the commitment and involvement of the association.


To submit the renewal application, the online form must be completed by 15 May 2021.

On the online form, on behalf of the association, the president must:
  1. Sign the regulations to attest their acknowledgement
  2. Declare the following information:
    1. A brief report of the main activities held during the academic year
    2. A brief report of the main and most significant activities that the association would like to organize during next academic year
    3. List of already existing partnerships and/or collaborations with student associations from other Universities and/or with institutional bodies
    4. List of third parties that support the association financially (if present)
    5. Whether the association belongs to a national/international network and if yes, which network
    6. Other relevant information

  • the online application must be completed in one session
  • the online application must be completed by one student only for each association
  • Make sure you have prepared in advance all required documents and information to fill it out smoothly.

The link will be activated on 6 May at 9am and will be available until 15 May 2021 at 11:59pm
Time to completion: approx 30'

If a request for renewal is not submitted or it is submitted late, it will not be taken into consideration and will result in the association not being included in the Bocconi list.

The CASA Committee will set a session in May to evaluate the applications received and provide feedback on the confirmation of registration to the Bocconi list for AY 2021-2022.

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