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Study Plan

In addition to a solid grounding in economics, management and quantitative disciplines, the program features specific courses in the humanities. In particular, Critical Approaches to the Arts is arranged into 3 courses, and allows students to learn the artistic and cultural language typical of the Western tradition. It provides them with the appropriate background needed to critically read, understand and appreciate specific subject areas which may lead to a vocation. The first introductory course is compulsory while the other two are monographic courses to be freely chosen. They focus on:

  • Visual Arts and Cultures
  • Information, Narration, Media
  • Music and Performing Arts
Moreover, all the workshops held in the third year are in English. Students either choose one workshop or complete an internship.

1st year   CPU
Semester I Management of Cultural Companies and Institutions 10
  Mathematics 9
  Philosophy of Art 6
  Law - Module 1 (Private Law) 6
Semester II Economics - Module 1 (Microeconomics) 7
  Critical Approaches to the Arts – I 6
  Economic History and History of Economic Thought 7
  Computer Science 6
  First Foreign Language 4
2nd year   CPU
Semester I Economics - Module 2 (Macroeconomics) 7
  Statistics 8
  Critical Approaches to the Arts – II – Module 1 6
  Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis – Module 1 5
  Cultural Anthropology 6
Semester II Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis – Module 2 5
  Fundamentals of Organization 6
  Critical Approaches to the Arts – II – Module 2 6
  Law - Module 2 (Public Law) 6
  Leadership and Managerial Skills Seminar 2
  Second Foreign Language 4
3rd year   CPU
Semester I Managerial Accounting 6
  Management of Public and not for Profit Organizations 6
  Marketing in Creative Industries 8
  Competitive Strategies in Creative Industries 7
  Company and Business Law 6
Semester II Finance – Module 1 (Corporate Finance) 5
  Finance – Module 2 (Financial Markets and Institutions) 5
  Public Finance 6
  Workshop**/Internship/elective course taken abroad 6
  Final Paper 3
  Total credit points 180


  • Communication and Cultural Consumption Decisions
  • Tourism, Local Identity and Destination Management
  • The Transformation of Cultural Sector and Art Market: Critical Issues and Cases
  • Fashion Collections and Sustainability 
  • The Global Industry of Imagineries
  • Digital Disruption and Entrepreneurship


Program requirements are subject to change.

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