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Program Structure

The program provides a strong background in economics, management and quantitative subjects, along with a range of courses in the humanities.

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First Year: Learning the fundamentals

Main topics

  • Management of Cultural Companies and Institutions
  • Philosophy of Art
  • Critical Approaches to the Arts
  • Economics
  • Math
  • Economic History
  • Law

First foreign language
Computer science

During the first year, you will be given a solid grounding in economics, management, quantitative methods and law, focusing on the creative industries and sectors, that will be strengthened during the second year.
The program also features specific courses in humanities. In particular, Critical Approaches to the Arts is arranged into 3 courses (spread across the first and the second year), and allows students to learn the artistic and cultural language typical of the Western tradition. The first introductory course, in the first year, is compulsory.

Second Year: Focusing your studies

Main topics

  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Organization
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Critical Approaches to the Arts

Second foreign language
Soft skills seminar

In the second year, you will keep studying the main topics related to economics and management in the cultural industries. Accounting will teach you the basic logic and techniques of coroporate accounting, and how to read related documents. Organization will help you understand how a company/institution is organized, and the individual behaviors and group dynamics within it.
Then you will undertake another course in humanities, Cultural Anthropology, and complete Critical Approaches to the Arts with two  monographic courses that provide you with the appropriate background needed to critically read, understand and appreciate specific subject areas, which may lead to a career choice. They can be freely chosen among:

  • Visual Arts and Cultures
  • Information, Narration, Media
  • Music and Performing Arts

Finally, you will attend a seminar aimed at improving your leadership and managerial skills.

Third Year: Expanding your curriculum

Main topics

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Competitive Strategy in Creative Industries
  • Business Law
  • Workshop

Exchange program
Final report

In the last year, you will complete your managerial preparation in the creative industries by studying topics such as Marketing, Strategy, Finance (both corporate finance and financial markets and institutions) and Business law. Moreover, you will have to choose one workshop (or replace it with an internship):

  • Communication and Cultural Consumption Decisions
  • Tourism, Local Identity and Destination Management
  • The Transformation of the Cultural Sector and the Art Market: Critical issues and cases
  • Fashion Collections and Sustainability
  • The Global Industry of Imaginaries
  • Digital Disruption and Entrepreneurship

You can also take part in a study abroad program at one of the partner universities abroad.

Program requirements are subject to change.

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