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What is JobGate?

JobGate is Università Bocconi’s Online Job Platform which facilitates the connection between Employers and Bocconi’s best talents. It is now designed to work on smart phones and tablets.

Our professional team makes it its business to understand the needs of Employers so that Bocconi students and graduates are in the best possible position to fulfill them.


What does JobGate offer?

  • Easy internship and job posting; the job profile can be enriched with a company profile, to help you better reach your target.
  • Applications can be received and stored directly on the portal.
  • Employers can create and manage their own applications’ database.  
  • The portal allows direct access to Bocconi’s CvBook.
  • JobGate enables employers to simply formalize internships offered to students and graduates (Bachelor, Master of Science or Specialized Masters).


How can I access the system?

  • It’s very simple: just click here and follow the step by step instructions.

Please note: upon registration you will have to accept the General Conditions concerning the use of the Portal.


How do I formalize and start an internship with a Bocconi student/graduate?*

Should you have already identified a suitable Bachelor, Master of Science or Specialized Master candidate without posting an internship offer on JobGate, you can formalize the experience through our portal in a few simple steps. 

  • Have you already used JobGate to formalize an internship?

Please access the portal with your login details and set off the internship as usual.

  • Is it the first time you wish to formalize an internship with Bocconi?

Please register on JobGate as a new user and specify your registration is due to the formalization of an internship for a candidate that has already been selected either “Start an internship with a known student/graduate” or “Start an internship for a Specialized Master student”*.  If necessary, we will contact you within 5 working days after the registration.

NEWS: Starting from now you may set off an internship through JobGate for students and graduates from Specialized Masters. In these cases please refer to the specific Master’s staff.

Who can I refer to for further details?

* as per Italian Law



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