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Women awards


Key information
100% tuition waiver on the Bocconi ordinary academic tuition and fees

The provisions below constitute official publication of the regulations a.y. 2024-2025 of the “Women Awards” benefit for female students enrolled in the first year of the MSc in Finance in the a.y. 2024-2025.

Bocconi University strives to advocate for an inclusive, diverse, and accepting community also from the point of view of the percentage of female students.

For this reason, starting from AY 2021-2022, Bocconi University has introduced a special type of Bocconi Graduate Merit Awards. These are called "Women Awards", designed to award exceptional and talented female students who are interested in pursuing their studies in the economic and financial field, traditionally led by men.

“Women Awards” aim to redistribute diversity within the Bocconi student body, recognizing academic achievement and the potential of female students interested in continuing their higher education in the area of economics and finance.

To assign Women Awards, consisting of a full tuition waiver, the Scholarship Committee will assess the best profiles in terms of academic career and work/study experiences abroad of female students of any citizenship who have applied for admission to the MSc in Finance in Bocconi for AY 2024-2025.

This award will be renewable for the second year of the MSc (AY 2025-2026), provided that the same merit requirements foreseen for the renewal of the Bocconi Graduate Merit Award are met (50 credits as of 10 August 2025).

The outcome of the Committee evaluation will be communicated to awardees along with admissions results. Those who wish to enroll with the award will need to complete the enrollment procedure and at the same time follow the instructions provided for in the admissions result to formally accept the award.

Please note that the assignment of the Women Award is tied to the program of admission with which it was communicated. For this reason, there is NO guarantee that Women Award holders who wish to request to change their program of admission will be allowed to transfer their benefit towards the new program.

The same regulations about acceptance, renewal, revocation and forfeiture that are foreseen for Bocconi Graduate Merit Awards also apply to Women Awards.

It is specified that the assigned benefit will be revoked to students enrolled to the first year who are still enrolled with reserve as of November 30, 2024. In fact, the University cannot grant a benefit to a student who does not appear to have completed enrollment by that date.

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