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Career Opportunities

Graduates in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations generally have excellent access to the job market. Some will choose to do research, and can continue their studies by pursuing a PhD program. Those seeking employment will find that options vary depending on their focus in this program and prior undergraduate studies, but fall into two broad areas:

Public management expert, able to deal with the rapidly changing processes of the public sector and the challenges faced by non-profits and NGOs at global level.

  • Management expert in, or external consultant for, public administrations and international and supranational institutions, NGOs and non-profit organizations or social enterprises, companies and institutions in the healthcare and social health sectors
  • Project manager or institutional building and development expert in the above areas
  • Relationship manager or sectorial expert in private companies working for the public sector and healthcare
  • Diplomatic career, subject to a state examination

Expert in public policy, who analyzes, develops and implements public policies at the local, national and – increasingly – international levels.

  • Internal expert or external consultant in defining policies for public administration, public and private healthcare, infrastructure and industries
  • Analyst on public policies in research firms, consulting firms, healthcare and social health organizations and large companies.
  • Analyst in international and supranational healthcare and social health institutions.


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