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Bocconi Applicants 2023-24 AY


The Admissions Committee evaluates the complete applicants’ profiles by considering all documents uploaded to My Application, the test performance (if required) and the places available in the selection round for the programs chosen by the applicants.
According to the timeline established for the selection round, applicants can access their admission result by entering the “My Application” Portal and clicking on “Results.”
The outcome of the selection process will be admission or non-admission. Only Bocconi applicants in the II Round may have the outcome of non-admission and be placed on stand-by/waiting list.

For detailed information on program change requests, please see the link in the "Focus on" area.

Admitted Students

Admitted students will receive a conditional offer, whose validity is confirmed only under the following conditions:

  • meeting the mandatory curricular requirements
  • completing the enrollment application by the deadlines.

If the requirements are not met or enrollment is not completed by the deadlines, the offer of admission will be revoked.

Non-Admitted Students

"Non-admission" is a final outcome that cannot be appealed. It is determined by the evaluation of several variables: the academic performance of the first-level university program, the performance on the test (where required), given the overall spots available and the quality of the application received for the program(s) applied for.

Non-Admitted Students on the Waiting List

Only the II selection rounds may result in a stand-by/waiting list outcome.
For AY 2023-24 there will not be a waiting list.

Applicants included on the “waiting list” are in any case NOT admitted students. In fact, due to a lack of available spots in the choices indicated, it was not possible to assign the applicant to one of the chosen Master of Science programs.
At the end of the enrollment period, if there is remaining availability of spots due to lack of enrollment among admitted applicants, the top non-admitted applicants on the waiting list may be contacted.

The Admissions Office will contact students following these criteria:

  1. Priority will be given to students who have expressed the MSc program for which a spot has been made available during the application for admission
  2. In the absence of students on the waiting list who have expressed such preference, the other students who have not indicated the MSc Program available may be called, in order to check their interest in admission.

The number of applicants placed on the waiting list is generally limited, considering that historically few spots remain available at the end of enrollment.


In case of admission, to confirm the place that you were offered, the enrollment procedure must be completed, which includes an online form and meeting specific curricular requirements. 

Enrollment for the LSE-Bocconi DD, Sciences Po-Bocconi DD programs and the Joint Degree in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance have specific procedures and requirements. Please see the Focus On area for more information.

Enrollment Procedure and Timeline

In order to confirm your admission to a Bocconi MSc Program, you must:

  1. complete the enrollment procedure on the My Application portal;
  2. pay the first installment-advance payment of tuition and fees 
  3. only students admitted to special programs (Cems MIM, Essec-Bocconi DD): pay the specific administrative fee via Bocconi store
Early Session Career Session 
Results: 24 November 2022 (late noon) Results: 24 May 2023 (starting from 2:30pm*)
Enrollment Period:
24 November 15 December 2022 (at 12.00 — noon)
Enrollment Period: 
24 May - 8 June 2023 (at 12.00 — noon)


The first installment-advance payment, in compliance with the former article 27 of R.D. 1269/1938, cannot be reimbursed. The reimbursement is only possible under special conditions, indicated in the “Withdrawal from studies and reimbursement of the first installment/advance payment” section. 

Language Requirements

Bocconi applicants are not required to submit any language certification to participate in admissions, since the language requirement is automatically fulfilled by the language course in the study plan.

Please note that the English language course (or Italian for non-native speakers) does not need to already have been recorded in the study plan during the selection process.

The Admissions Office will only check that the language requirement is met after graduation by October (deadline for graduation) in case of admission.

However, please note that applicants admitted to the "CEMS MIM" and "ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree" programs must upload their online enrollment application to the upload area with a valid language prerequisite by the end of July 2021.

There are specific language requirements for enrollment in the CEMS MIM, CHINA MIM and ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree programs.

There are other language requirements for applicants to the LSE-Bocconi and Science Po-Bocconi Double Degree programs.

Curricular Requirements: First-Cycle Bachelor Degree

Timeline: to access MSc programs, a valid 1st-cycle Bachelor degree must be completed by 31 October 2023.

Bocconi University deems as valid a Bachelor Diploma (1st level degree/undergraduate program) with at least:

  • 180 educational credits (Laurea);
  • Issued by a University in Italy in the Italian system (Laurea) accredited by MIUR;

During the enrollment phase, a copy of the 1st level qualification does not need to be uploaded to the My Application portal, as it will be automatically verified through the University's internal database. 

Withdrawal from Studies


The following information is valid only for students enrolled in their 1st year of a program (students enrolled in their 2nd year onwards are kindly invited to contact the “Academic Affairs Desk”).

Students who decide to withdraw from Bocconi, within this date, must send an email to rper@unibocconi.it:

  • declaring their intention to withdraw from studies
  • attaching a valid ID/passport
  • attaching the appropriate withdrawal form (available in the Download area) duly filled out
  • indicating as a subject: “Withdrawal Full Name – User ID number (30xxxxx), Application code  ( B0xxx)”

 The Admissions Office will respond by email confirming the withdrawal from studies.


The reimbursement of the first installment/advance payment is only possible under special conditions and by specific deadlines. Check how to request the reimbursement of the first installment/advanced payment


Starting from this date, students are invited to submit requests to the “Academic Affairs Desk”

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