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Housing renewal

A.Y. 2023-24

If as of 9 February 2023 you are a non resident (meaning NOT living in one of the “resident” (pdf) or “commuting” (pdf) municipalities) housing assignee in one of the Bocconi residences during the 2022-23 academic year and wish to extend your stay for the next academic year as well, you can submit a housing renewal application.

Housing renewal refers to the same room already occupied during A.Y. 2022-23 (no room or residence changes are allowed) and subject to the actual usability of the residence for the academic year.
Housing will be renewed for the standard assignment period (late August 2023 - late June 2024), which meets the academic needs of most students. Regarding housing during the special opening periods (winter break 2023 and July 2024), please see the dedicated page (available soon).

For all academic years, it is always your responsibility to check the possibility and how/when to apply for housing renewal, which is not done automatically; if you do not apply for the renewal, you will automatically lose your accommodation.

Please also remember that:

>housing assignments are binding; the accommodation assignment is considered finalized with the positive outcome of the housing assignment communicated by the University and the acceptance by the student: by accepting the assignment the student always commits to pay the housing installment for the entire agreed-upon period according to the foreseen deadlines and to comply with the norms and regulations of Bocconi Housing Service
>the University grants the right to leave the accommodation early and to withdraw from the commitment to such payment, exclusively in the foreseen cases of renunciation of the accommodation, proven by the specific academic reasons required for the acceptance of the renunciation request, and withdrawal from the accommodation, according to what detailed on the dedicated pages of the website.

All the details on requirements, methods and deadline for submitting the housing renewal application are available on the dedicated pages of the website:

FULL rate housing renewal

PREFERENTIAL rate housing renewal

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