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December extraordinary exam session

The December 2021 extraordinary exam session is intended for regularly enrolled students engaged in internships (or similar activities) in Italy or abroad during the ordinary sessions of January-February 2022.
In order for a student to have access to this session, there must be an overlapping, even partial, of his/her internship period and the ordinary exam session.

You may check the dates of the December extraordinary session and those of the ordinary January and February sessions at this link.

Only certain types of internship allow access to the December extraordinary session:

  • Master of Science: credited or non-credited curricular internship;
  • Bachelor and Master of Science in Law: only credited curricular internship (including additional internships for credits) .

In order for an internship to be considered for purposes of access to the extraordinary exam session, it must be included on JobGate (yoU@B Calendar, section "My internships") and three-year Bachelor and LawProgram students must have already requested the advance authorization.

The students that meet all the above mentioned requirements for their internship will be automatically authorized to take part in the extraordinary session.

In the event that the internship isn’t included on JobGate in due time to access the December extraordinary session, the student will have to submit through Help&Contact – Internship section a document, which confirms the experience about to start (eg. Foreign internship contract, commitment letter or an email communication by the company/hosting institution).

During December extraordinary session the students are not admitted to exams regarding previous years’ courses that they have not yet completed.

For further information students are urged to read the Guide to the University, section "Exams".

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