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Managing Ourselves

Deploying Mindfulness to Unlock Our Human Potential

This course is based upon the premise that education needs to go beyond the acquisition of conceptual knowledge. If we are to be successful in our careers and in our lives, we must overcome the barriers that hold us back from engaging in life and develop our distinctly human attributes of wisdom, creativity and love.

The intended outcomes of this course are to increase our capacity for stability and relaxation, enhance our powers of concentration, reduce the hold of negative emotions while reinforcing positive ones, and cultivate wisdom and creativity. Moreover, this course aims at enhancing our capacity of engage with one another and assisting our quest for meaning in our lives.

To achieve these objectives, a mix of disciplines will be explored, namely philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, religion, and mindful awareness.

Please note: The course is divided into two self-contained modules. Please feel free to join the second module even if you have not taken the first module.


Module 1 "The Potential that Awaits": 29 September, 6 and 13 October   18:15-19:30  AULA N18, Piazza Sraffa, 13.

Module 2 "Personal Strategy": 20-27 April and 4 May 18:15-19:30 — ON CAMPUS



29 Sept. 18.15-19.30. SESSION 1. The Potential that Awaits

06 October 18.15-19.30. SESSION 2. Living with Anxiety

13 October 18.15-19.30. SESSION 3. Beyond Conceptual Knowledge: Nurturing Wisdom and Creativity

Students who attend all the 3 classes will be given a certificate of participation.


The detailed program will be made available soon.

your Instructor

Robert Grant is an emeritus professor of strategic management at Bocconi University. He has previously held faculty positions at Georgetown University, London Business School, City University, California Polytechnic, University of British Columbia and St. Andrews University, teaching also MBA courses in strategy at UCLA, UC Irvine, UNISA, and Insead.
His primary field of expertise is business strategy. However, for the past 22 years he has also been engaged in Buddhist mediation.
In this elective course he shall use the insights he has gained from life and meditation as guides to personal development by drawing upon the writings and video talks of philosophers, psychologists, and spiritual leaders.


Registration to the first module of the course should be made through yoU@B Student Agenda (Home > Various activities) from 15 September 2022 subject to availability.

Spots available: 150 for each module.

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