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On-Campus Medical Center

Piazza Sraffa 11

Bocconi University has set up an on-campus medical center, a clinic on the mezzanine floor of the Piazza Sraffa 11 building. The medical center will mainly meet the needs of non-residents in Milan and those who have difficulty accessing the services of their general practitioner. Regarding the medical center, please note the following:

  • The medical center is NOT an emergency service. In the event of an emergency, you should always call 112, the European emergency number, or the Bocconi emergency number, +39 02 5836.2121, which will activate the ambulance service if necessary.
  • This is a first-level internal medicine service, which can carry out medical examinations with a medical report and provide medications and prescriptions (however, it will NOT be able to issue prescriptions covered by the National Health Service, as by law they can only be issued by your general practitioner/family doctor).
  • This service is only available to members of the Bocconi community and cannot be extended to others (family members and acquaintances).

Timelines, procedures and contact information will be available in the Health and Safety widget in the yoU@B Diary and on the Intranet; please write to hse@unibocconi.it for any questions you may have.

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