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Biosafety Policy

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As part of the initiative Your Safety Matters, Bocconi University has decided to implement a voluntary management system aimed at ensuring the highest requirements of infection prevention and control and management of health emergencies. Its aim is to further guarantee the protection of the health and safety of the Bocconi community.

This has led to obtaining the Biosafety Trust Certification It is the first certification scheme created to provide a set of best practices to help minimize the risk of spreading epidemics in public and private gathering places, based on ISO standards’ systemic approach to management systems. Bocconi has successfully completed the process that verifies compliance with the system of requirements put in place by the certifying body RINA, a multinational certification company with 200 offices in 70 countries (www.rina.org/en).

This choice arises from the dual intent to:

1. transform the experience we have all lived in recent months into a constructive possibility to learn and to gain management ability, generating knowledge, skills and advanced operational practices consistent with our mission and our values;

2. guarantee the entire Bocconi community the University’s maximum commitment to the adoption of best practices aimed at preventing the spread of infections during teaching and all other work.

For this reason, the Bocconi commitment is to:

  • adopt an infection prevention and control management system that complies with the requirements of the Biosafety Trust Certification regulatory document by voluntarily submitting it to independent verification by a third-party body;
  • define levels of infection risk prevention and protection that ensure that all university activities are carried out in a climate of safety and trust for the Bocconi community;
  • communicate effectively with all stakeholders according to their priorities and needs;
  • create a widespread level of knowledge and awareness that facilitates and promotes the adoption of safe collective behavior;
  • ensure full compliance with laws and regulations and maximum protection of all the people who are part of the Bocconi world;
  • establish codes of conduct for the main service providers and promote coordination and collaboration;
  • as a gathering hub for a community of over 15,000 people, collaborate as needed with city institutions for the definition of best practices (eg: sustainable mobility with the levels of health emergency present, health emergency management);
  • provide with awareness and tranquillity to international faculty, staff and students all the support needed to deal with individual or collective health emergencies;
  • maintain our role in promoting and disseminating culture and knowledge, adapting the offer of events to infection prevention and control measures;

The commitments listed above constitute the frame of reference for identifying objectives and planning the actions necessary to achieve them.

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